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New iPod with touchscreen pics !!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Compile 'em all, Feb 10, 2006.

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    Compile 'em all

    A mockup of the new iPod...found here. I thought I would share it with you (hope it wasn't
    posted before).
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    They better fix the scratchable screen before they releases something like this.
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    Jaffa Cake

    Even if they produce something totally scratch-proof, the problem you're still going to have with a touchscreen for videos is dirty great finger marks all over the screen. A nice idea, but not very practical.

    Just a fan mock-up, nothing more.
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    I told myself no more ipods, but if somehting like this comes out, I just might take the bait! :(
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    That is what a stylus is for, eliminates finger contact.
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    If you get a touchscreen, you're going to have to treat that thing with kid gloves. I don't think it will be very durable or rugged compared to the current or past iPods. I mean who is anyone kidding...would you take a touchscreen PDA and throw it in a backpack without a cover and expect it to not get scratched, let alone broken?
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    Original source for the pictures posted by LOWPULSE is here. Some Blogspot account.

    Also, off topic, where in Shropshire do oyu live LOWPULSE?
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    Old Boy was a great movie in so many ways.
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    Fingerprints don't bother me so much. I se the value in your feedback, but I really don't think it would hurt sales too much. The mock up is exactly what I'd like to own! Sign me up!
  12. Demi-God (Moderator emeritus)


    Apple will NOT use a stylus. Why? Two reasons:

    1. It's too much trouble for the user. Every time they want to pause a song they have to get out a stylus?

    2. Everyone looses them within the first week.

    It's just not practical.
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    I'd hate to lose a stylus that shook loose.

    Am I the only one who thinks it's relatively easy to make a screen that won't show fingerprints? Something with a matte finish that's more durable than a laptop screen, a little rougher perhaps?
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    You should have put "Mock-up" in your thread title. I was actually expecting real ones.
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    It needs a stylus. And I can only hope it would come with some sort of extra protection for the screen.
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    hold on guys. ARE YOU SERIOUS?:eek: do you really think Apple would use a stylus?! :eek:

    How silly would that look?

    I know these are speculations but putting a stylus in the fray is pretty disturbing.
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    Would love one of these things and i won't let it get hurt!

    But i'm not sure if it should become the main iPod model

    (and how would you 'click' on the click wheel
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    I'll be the one to say it but thats one ugly ipod.

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    fake :)
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    figure that one out all by yourself?
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    I like it....:D
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    lolz. hahaha. dont be mean man. :D but yeah. he has a point. forumbuddy should have read the

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    I don't think it would be that hard. If anyone could do it it would be Apple. Also, I think Apple to be one of the more "professional" companies who would make sure it wouldn't show finger prints just to keep their image up. If Apple could jump to touch screen for the next iPods it would show how much they are above the rest of the competition.
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    Man, if they could pull off something like that it would be frickin' sweet.
  25. EGT
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    I like the discussion this rumour has caused. It's just resounding everywhere.

    This could be the ultimate player. Whatever Apple release next, I pray they do something about the outer plastic. It would be terrible owning something like this but worrying about scratching the hell out of it.

    If it is touch sensitive, they are limited to what protection they can use on the outer surface? Something like mobile phone screens would be great. I fear it'd be a flimsy, PDA style screen. :(

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