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New iPods at Best Buy

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 1, 2003.

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    One reader notes that the new iPod was already on sale at his local Best Buy.
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    omg! they are so lucky! i wonder if apple will be mad at them or something for having them for salke before they're supposed to be available.
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    Maybe a slight annoyance but if folks are buying them, it's a profit no matter when it was sold!
    Not sure how this deal works, but powermax (www.powermax.com) is offering some sort of trade in deal for folks with old ipods (you need to call them to find out). I'm guessing it only applies to people who bought their old ipods from powermax but I could very well be wrong.
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    I just checked out my local Best Buy. They don't have the new ones, the people working there know nothing about a friday release, and have a dozen of the old 10giggers still priced at $399. They've never had a display for the ipod, just the boxes locked in a cabinet at knee level. If you aren't specifically looking for the ipod, you'd never find it there by browsing.
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    Best Buy in Minnesota have the new iPod!

    I just called the new Best Buy in Coon Rapids, MN and we have the 15GB and 20GB versions of the new iPod available now with no waiting.

    After visiting the store they do not have the products yet out but one employee pulled a 15GB version from the back - it was the new one!

    Just thought everyone should know!

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    Got mine at best buy today!

    Thanks to this forum, I stopped by Best Buy on my way home from work and bought a 15 gig iPod.

    I had finally convinced myself to be frugal and get the 10 gig model, but they only had the old version of the 10 gigger. They had 3 each of the 15 and 30 gig models in the display case. This was the Best Buy at the Pavilions in Scottsdale, AZ.

    I'm kind of glad I got the 15 now. The docking station is very convenient. It's also nicely designed, and doesn't slip around on the desk. I also now see where the remote might be nice at times, given how sensitive the buttons on the iPod are. If you want to control it without looking, its hard to feel your way around the iPod without setting off one of the touch-sensitive pads.

    And finally, here's my well thought-out, detailed critical review:

    This thing is awesome!
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    Did any of you Best Buy customers get a Best Buy warranty/protection plan for your 'Pod? Or are those plans just not worth it? I'd rather head to my Apple Retail Store for the release partt, but if there's a strategic advantage to be gained from buying thru a 3rd party...
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    If you buy it with your visa card, you may get a free extra year of warranty through visa (if your card qualifies...you need to have visa gold or visa platinum). It works more like a reimbursement program in that in the 2nd year you have your product, you send it to apple to get fixed, pay apple, then send the bill to visa and they cut you a check. I haven't used it yet but I've registered products and this is how I intend on insuring my future ipod. You can also buy 3 and 5 year warranties (gives you 2 and 4 extra years beyond apple's limited warranty) from them. Cost wise Best buy is cheaper and you can just get a new ipod if it dies but I'm using this route to avoid paying the 8.5% tax and so I can get the education pricing from an apple reseller.
    Personally, after what old ipod owners have gone through with batteries dying and the cost apple charges to fix the problem, I'd rather shell out the $50-$70 now than have to pay $250+ later for whatever may occur.
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    Wait, you can get the educational discount thru BestBuy? I thought you could only get it from the Apple Store for Education. Huh. And as far as I know, the online Apple stores have always charged tax.

    But you bring up some tempting points about the BestBuy warranties.... Dang, I've been looking forward to going to the "release party" at Apple's retail store this evening.

    Decisions, decisions... my girlfriend's going to kill me if I change my mind again.

    edit: addendum: it looks like bestbuy.com doesn't carry the iPods...
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    Re: Got mine at best buy today!

    That's one thing I was worried about with the new design. I'm planning to check them out at the Chandler Apple Store event tonight before I actually decide to buy.

    Nice to see another MacRumors member from Gilbert! :)
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    No, I'm not getting the education discount from best buy (and they most likely won't offer it but I haven't asked cause they charge tax). And I'm not buying it from the apple store because, as you pointed out, they too charge tax (and with my tax rate, I'm paying about $47 extra). What I did was email every single online mac dealer that was listed on apple's site of certified resellers and ask them if they would extend the education pricing to me from their store and I asked what other charges they would add (shipping, sales tax, etc). I found 2 that said they would and the shipping costs were very small (max $10) and no sales tax. Plus those other retailers have extra stuff they throw in that I'll be able to take advantage of if I want to. I did this when I began thinking of buying my powerbook and got the ed pricing from macmall, $20 shipping (compared to $280 tax), no tax, and extras they had going as a promo at the time. I also managed to find a killer deal on applecare for it months later.
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    Wow, way to utilize the system, Monkeypoo. I'd try something like that, except I really really would like to get my hands on the thing tonight. :p Still not sure what route I'm going -- the lady who answered the phone at CompUSA said that I couldn't buy a TAP warranty on something not from their store. But, she didn't sound sure of it. Sigh.......
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    what can I say...I love my toys but I'll find any way, short of theft, to get them at great prices. :cool:
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    well i hope apple does something about it because it kind of pisses me off. its just not fair to the apple stores and resellers.

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    I stopped by the local bestbuy this morning and they do indeed have the new iPods for sale. Another interested thing I saw was that they "lowered" the price of the old 10 gig model to 299...the same price as the new 10 gig model...who in their right mind would but the old model when they could get the new one for the same price? Not I!!
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    There all over MN!!!

    Just wanted everyone to know that indeed there are more Best Buy locations that have the new iPods. Two interesting notes as I was calling around:

    1) Maplewood, MN location told me that they were waiting for Apple's release of the iPod at their stores before they could go off and start selling it themselves. According to the technology guy- this came from upper level management.

    2) At the Blaine, MN location while visiting a young woman (sales person) told me that the iPods were to be in this weekend's Sunday advertisement supplements.


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