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New iPods?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Stridder44, Jan 28, 2007.

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    Since the iPhone came out there have been talks of Apple doing the same kind of concept to the iPod. My iPod is dying (literally. The HD will randomly get "stuck" and stop working - it's hardware issue, I've had to get the iPod replaced 3 times already) and I'm going to have to retire it soon (4th Gen, 40 GB).

    When do you think new iPods are going to come out? If I had to choose one now I'd go for the 80GB model but if new ones are right around the corner then obviously I'm gonna wait.
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    Superbowl! *crosses fingers*
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    Meh, in the next two or three months.

    In the meantime, get yourself a used 4th or 5th gen.
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    Hmm...good idea...forget the bears, forget the colts...GO iPod!!!!
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    That's the truth. I just got my wife a refurb 30GB 5G for $179 + tax.
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    Why not?? lol
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    Nah I'm not that desperate. I can roll CD's for a while. I'm just wondering how long we'll have to wait.
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    New Ipod Won't Charge

    I just bought a Ipod Nano. Got it home and the screen came up with a little charge on the battery. Once the battery went down, I plugged it into the computer using the furnished USB cable and the unit will not even turn on. The screen is totally blank. Went back to the store and bought a usb power adapter and still the screen is totally blank and does not indicate any charging. According to something I read it says that all ipods come with a CD to install software. Mine did not come with a CD. Any suggestions?
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    Apple left out the CD to allow for smaller packaging.

    Try resetting the iPod (plug it in to the power adaptor and hold the menu & center buttons simultaneously for 6 to 10 seconds).

    If that doesn't work take it back to the Apple Store, or if you don't have one nearby call AppleCare (1-800-275-2273).
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    This may be stupid but did you install i-tunes from the Apple site? When you plug it in, if it registers the iPod, you can restore the software if you are having a problem.
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    Be absolutly sure you have the latest iTunes. You can get it here. I used to work at Best Buy (ugh) and people had problems like this all the time. Usually when they reinstalled iTunes + Quicktime everything worked fine again.
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    Did anyone else notice...

    When Apple refreshed the iPod line with the 2nd generations of the Shuffle and Nano, I was a little dissapointed that they didn't refresh the 5th Generation iPod, instead they offered some additional, crappy features.

    With the introduction of the iPhone I noticed something that got me thinking.

    The Shuffle, Nano and iPhone are all made of the aluminum type material. The 5th generation iPod still has the stainless steel backing and looks kinda out of place in the new line up.

    My guess would be that Apple will soon release the 6th Generation iPod, with multi-touch screen, and standard iPod UI (think of it as an iPhone without the phone)

    Any thoughts???:confused:
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    If by "out of place" you mean "looks the best of the current line up". Is it just me or does the classic plastic covered white face and stainless steel back still look just stunning? The aluminum nanos and minis are nice, but they just don't have that same sense of style and elegance.

    I agree with you that the 6G iPod will be based on the iPhone design. If I had to guess they will make it slightly thicker to add a 40/80gb hdd, drop all the phone/pda features, keep the wifi/bt for wireless syncing and wireless headphones, the OS will be an improved version of the iPodOS, not the "mini OSX" on the iPhone. Similar touch screen technology used for navigation, photo browsing, presentation control software, improved gaming features, etc.

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