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New iTunes Features: My Alerts and Complete My Album

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 28, 2007.

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    Apple introduced two new features in iTunes today.

    My Alerts (iTunes Link)

    A custom page on iTunes which lists "recent releases from artists whose work you've purchased on iTunes." Apple also allows you to sign up to receive Email notifications of these alerts.

    Complete My Album (iTunes Link)

    Perhaps more exciting is the "Complete My Album" feature which was previously rumored late last year.

    "Complete My Album" allows customers to purchase the remainder of an album for a discounted price.

    The reasoning behind this strategy is to provide more incentives to customers to purchase full albums -- or at least not penalize them for buying singles ahead of time. Previously, if you purchased a single song from iTunes ($.99) and later bought the full album ($9.99), you were charged twice for that song. This new feature helps avoid that scenario -- at least for certain albums and for a limited period of time.

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    Complete my Album looks like a reason to make me start buying from iTunes.
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    yeah, complete my album sounds pretty sweet

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    Complete my Album is exactly what iTunes has been needing. ...Although the time limit is a little disappointing.
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    Is the Complete My Album feature on all iTunes stores yet?
    Edit-Complete My Album works on the Australia iTS, so it's not US-only.
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    The complete album idea sounds like a good idea, however, I still favor subscription based solutions like Rhapsody.
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    I've already completed a few of my albums. This is nice... I can finally have a beautiful bacchanal of Ben Folds, Elton John, and Barry Manilow with FULL ALBUMS.
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    i'm sure "my alerts" has been there forever?
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    I don't think My Alerts is technically new; I've had alerts for a couple of artists for years. I think the alerts for artists from the Purchase History is new, though.

    EDIT: Okay, took a look at all the albums I can buy under "Complete My Album" - and found exactly ZERO albums that interested me. This isn't going to change my current behavior of cherry-picking the best songs from bloated albums.
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    It's about time. Glad to hear these changes have been made.
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    I thought albums were $9.99
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    Glade to see that they have provided an incentive / viable option for people that want to purchase pre-album release singles then get the album.
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    Generally, but not always. There's been a proliferation of discounted albums ($7.99 or less) as well as a few albums that are more expensive than normal ($12.99 for Bloc Party's A Weekend In the City).
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    This is:

    a) A really boring rumour
    b) Not in the least bit 'exciting'.

    It is about time that you didn't have to pay twice for a song. I have stopped using iTunes because it's £0.79 for UK and $0.99 in the US - which is £0.50 after you convert currency. **** you apple.
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    So evil. They sucked me in. I had two free song credits so I used those knowing I could purchase the rest of the album... which went the tiniest bit over the remaining iTMS credit I've been hoarding for quite some time now. :eek:

    Really glad they've finally enabled such a feature. :D
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    Yess! Complete my album is just what I needed! (too bad it's delayed release cost me at least $15 in re-downloaded songs... :eek: )
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    Just another example

    Just another example of Apple doing the right thing for their customers.
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    Unless you previously bought a single song and like it so much now that you want to get the rest of the album as well - until now you would either have to pay twice for the same song you had already purchased, or get the other tracks one by one, which would result in a higher price.
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    It said I could complete an album that I already bought in whole.
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    i completed an album in which i purchased six singles. it only seemed right i complete the last five. let's see what else i can complete!
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    This is a neat feature, but I don't understand why people are upset that it wasn't offered before.

    I mean, say you bought a 45 or a cassette or CD single back in the day . . . how many stores would then give you a discount or let you trade it in towards the full album or cassette? Not one.

    Of course, don't get me wrong, I like the new feature. I just see it as a bonus and not something that I have been entitled to all along.
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    YESS complete my album. I buy portions of albums only to later find i like the whole disk alot.
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    okay.. so the new features basically confirm Apple is tracking iTunes user data... (its only marketing, duh.) I'm fine with it.

    And while we're at it, how about:
    1. iTunes authorization management - can i PLEASE have the ability to de-authorize computers on my own?
    2. re-download files previously purchased from iTunes - yes, even Mac hard drives crash and data is lost.
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    Not really Apples fault. We pay more for everything over here...
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    I know. Sucks. Just going to buy things over there and ship them here and I move to Japan in 2009 anyway. :rolleyes:

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