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new keyboards

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by mrjamin, Jun 29, 2003.

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    Has anyone else noticed that on the G5 page, the different apple keyboard (as spotted in an apple store somewhere) is displayed? Are we going to see a revised keyboard when they start shipping?
  2. TMA
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    I could be wrong (haven't checked) but I believe that its the new "Apple Keyboard" that comes with the latest eMacs. No new interesting features. Although I remember reading somewhere that there is more protection against splashes/spillages.
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    Think Apple will ever go with Ergonomic keyboards? Its really hard to find a good one for mac... the only ones I know of are here
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    Can't you just use a MS made one? I bought one of those for my pc, I am sure it would work with the mac. go look at apple's compatibility page.
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    I already checked out the compatibility page... no MS ones are listed... too bad, MS makes really nice keyboards. You can get the new ergo keyboards for $28 OEM... they're PS/2... the original Natural Keyboard Pro was PS/2 and USB... but the USB was just for the integrated hub.

    Anyone know why Apple charges $49 for their USB keyboard?
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    i dont think so. apple specifically says it comes with the apple pro keyboard, while the emac specifcally says it come with an apple keyboard.

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    Personally I think those ergo keyboards are a bunch of bull-honkey, and here is story to back me up.

    However couldn't any USB keyboard work? It might not say it supports it 'officially,' but I would imagine that they work just the same as the others do. If anything and your not sure you could go to CompUSA and ask if you can try one of those kb that arn't supported on a Mac.

    BTW Apple did sell a ergo-keyboard, it was horrible.
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    You can use any USB keyboard with a mac. I used to use a microsoft USB keyboard with my iMac. Worked out well.
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    i heartily agree with you. i use my computer in anything but ergonomic positions, use it a lot, and i never have real wrist trouble. and i use a laptop keyboard, worse than a normal one, supposedly. i like it just fine. i think keyboards are just a matter of getting used to. the worst thing, as the article says, is changing your keyboard style.

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