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New Laptop

Discussion in 'Switch Stories' started by Minus Blindfold, Jun 23, 2003.

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    Hello all. I finally decided to switch over to the Mac for my new laptop for school. Honestly I think I ended up getting a good deal money wise:

    PowerBook 867MHz (12.1" TFT)
    867MHz PowerPC G4
    640MB DDR266 (128MB built-in & 512MB SO-DIMM)
    40GB Ultra ATA drive
    Combo Drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW)
    AirPort Card
    Unit Price: $1,736.00

    The laptop will be mostly be used for web design/graphic design, and I really think it should serve it's purpose well. I'll try to keep posting in this thread with the latest developments and progress I make. Thanks in advance.

    P.S. Would anyone know a website with a lot of detailed pics and information on Mac OS X so I could start to prepare?
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    click the OSX tab on the Apple site
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    welcome... you got exactly the same specs as mine. i am sure you will enjoy your machine immensely.

    i hope you meant airport extreme card and not airport card... regular airport card won't fit in your new 12". i had mistakenly bought the regular airport card, thinking it would fit in the 12"... fortunately, i had a friend with a Ti that needed the card.

    check out: the missing manual: os x. i've only read the 10.1 version but even that one was quite good for jaguar introduction.
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    That's a nice computer. It's a compact, portable complete office, really. The aluminum cases are so rugged. There are some who say the 12" powerbook is the finest computer ever made.

    I suggest you look for the book "Mac OS X The Missing Manual", carry it around as a reference until you feel confident.

    Congratulations and enjoy your new system!
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    Thanks guys! I ordered it already and just waiting for it to come.
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    Re: New Laptop

    I would hit up the QuickTime clips on the Apple website as well... they show the OS in action and offer a much clearer representation of the Mac UI.

    Welcome to the Mac.
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    LOL...that book is thick. althou i agree that it's a great reference, i don't think you would want to carry it around. it's heavier than the albook itself. LMAO :D
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    Thanks guys!! Still waiting for it to come. I got my software (Office X, Studio MX, and .Mac), extra battery, and bag came yesterday and today so hopefully it should be here tomorrow, or Monday. Also side question: does .Mac include an internet service?
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    No. .Mac is not an ISP. Just email and iDisk (looks great in Panther!) and other 'net services. You must supply the Internet connection.
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    And for more info on .Mac go to http://www.mac.com/
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    Yayyyy!!! It's here!!!! I'm typing this out on it right now!!! It looks and feels so elegant, much better than I thought. I haven't had any real troubles yet and starting to get use to "installing" downloads. I just really need to get a mouse though.
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    good luck with that, man, i hope you enjoy it. hope you're running safari ;)

    if you have any questions, just post in the mac help/tips section on the forums. someone will always know how to help.

    by the way, i like your screen name.
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    congrats . nice machine you ve got . ;-)
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    That was a pretty good deal.

    Me thinks you will be happy with it.

    Mac OS X is very easy to adapt to. It isn't confusing and illogical like Windows. It isn't unstable like OS 9.


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    Hey guys, enjoying my laptop a lot so far, but I have a question for you guys. What mouse would you recommend? Right now I looking at the Logitech's MX500 but wanted to get your input.
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    Kensington PocketMouse Pro

    My Kensington PocketMouse Pro is the shiznizz. It feels just the slightest bit chintzy, but overall a great deal.

    Plus, the retractable cord is sweet.
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    -Minus Blindfold

    I have both the MX700 (MX500 but wireless) and the Kensington Pocketmouse Pro that Skandranon uses. I love both. The Pocketmouse is great for travel and compliments the 12PB nicely, and since it's corded, I have to mouse-battery issues.

    As for the MX700, that's the undustrial one and it requires a configuration environment from Logitech's site to make use of all of the 7 buttons.

    They're both terrific - too bad that Logitech doesn't make an MX500 with retractable cord :D

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