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new lion wallpaper

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by cyda, Feb 24, 2011.

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    can someone who already has the developer release please uploade the wallpaper?
    Would be great:)

    thx in advance
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    Im looking for it too. Its the background of this picture on apples site, i just cant seem to find it.

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    The one in Snow Leopard actually isn't all that different.
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    10.7 Wallpaper

    Someone just needs to upload /Library/Desktop Pictures/

    There's a bunch of new ones...
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    As soon as I install the update, I will upload the wallpaper here.

    Please PM me with reminders if you don't see it in the next 3 hours.
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    Thank you! Much love to you.
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    post the rest when you can!
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    is mt. fuji the default wallpaper??? is there something like the default for snow leopard?
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    Thanks G-Force
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    Somebody beat me to it. Guys, Lion is freaking awesome!

    Gestures, lanuchpad and even the Finder are so much better.
    I attached a screenshot to drool over. :)
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    I think it is the tentative wallpaper for defaultness.:apple:
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    wooo the spotlight dots are under the apps to show they're open. :D
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    Here ya go. Reduced file size to 1.2MB (99% of original).
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    You have to re-enable that in System Prefs.
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    Does anyone have the one from this image:

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    I think cubex meant the Space wallpaper, not the trees.
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    Haha yeah, the space on is the one I meant! Thanks for the quick uploads though iPhone1! :)
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    Looked for the space one. Not included with Lion. Sorry.
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    I wonder how gestures would work on the magic mouse. The way apple is setting up lion, it's more meant for trackpads.
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    not really fan of the Fuji Wallpaper... are there other new ones anyone could share with us :D
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    Mt. Fuji is the only new wallpaper in this beta. I'm sure there will be more by the release.

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