New Mac News Website - We need your help!

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by aesth3tic, May 30, 2006.

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    we need people for the following thing:

    - Content Management System development (TextPattern, PHP, MySQL experience)
    - Web Standards compliant site development with XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX
    - Graphic Design skills (Photoshop, Fireworks, etc.)
    - Contribution of news articles, reviews and rumors
    - and anything else that you think would be great for Macnorati

    If you are interested at all, please email me at:
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    [hard criticism]Do we really need another Mac/Apple news site?[/hard criticism]
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    ajax, webstandards and beautiful like your mac? nope, i don't know of many of those types of mac websites.
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    actually macrumors uses ajax, webstandards and is beautiful.

    hmmmm so apparently your posting on the wrong site to get people to be interested in your type of site. Since we already have it, and already have had it.
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    It depends on your definition of "beauty" (as for the other two, I have no idea what those are....)

    Beauty, in my mind, is minimalist and efficient - that is why I find Apple machines so damn attractive.

    MacRumors is, unarguably, minimalist and efficient. What would your website have that makes it so much more "beautiful"??? :confused: Not that I'm against you making a new website, because by all means you should if you want to, I just am curious as to what would make it more aesthetically pleasing...
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    Unless you have good sources and connections dont make a news/rumor site because all you will doing is reporting news from other sites a few hours after they post it.
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    macrumors is successful because of the community. that produces a lot of useful content, help, information, chat and fun. the actual design and look of the site is less important.

    my time on the web is limited. so i only change my surfing habits if i can get something that i miss at the sites i visit now. many other people think the same. this cuts both ways. it makes it harder for you to start. but if you can provide good content the people will be loyal to your site.

    you should focus first on content to attract a good crowd of people. that will bring the new site to life. the looks can be changed/improved later.
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    No, you see, the OP doesn't actually have a site - or the Content development system, or the graphic design skills or the web programming expertise or the articles and news to make it -- the OP has an idea and a domain name and is looking for others to supply the rest of the expertise for free...
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    hahaha :D there we go
    I guess we should ask the original poster "Does the world need more vaporware?
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    oh, come on guys, give him a chance.

    if he finds a good mac related topic (like video for non-pros or so) and other people provide the content and other people do the programming and other people do the grphic design and some other people provide help for users and some other people come up with ideas how to expand the site and other people do.........aehm, nevermind, just read what canadaRAM wrote......
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    There is no site???
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