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New Mac Pro Monitor Brightness on Restart???

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by dgm, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. dgm
    macrumors member

    I've got a brand new Mac Pro Quad Core with 16GB RAM. LOVING it, BUT every single time I restart it, my monitor is WAY Too Bright and WAY too contrasty. This is a serious concern for me as a professional photographer.

    I calibrate with an Eye1 unit and the calibration seems to hold fine with regard to color when I restart, BUT the brightness/contrast is out of control on every restart. ...can't figure it out, but it's driving me crazy. Any advice appreciated!

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    What make/model is the monitor?
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    Hi Daniel,

    You're setting the right brightness etc. via the System Preferences panel?

  4. dgm
    macrumors member

    Sorry, I should have included more info:

    Monitor I'm using is a Westinghouse: LVM-37W3SE 37"

    I'm using the EyeOne Match software/hardware to calibrate, which has me adjust the contrast/brightness on the monitor itself as the first step and then it calibrates my colors.

    On restart, my colors stay true. BUT, the contrast and brightness are way too high!

    When, I do a reset to factory settings on the monitor itself AFTER restarting the computer, the brightness and contrast settings are fixed. BUT, I shouldn't have to do that everytime I reboot.

    Something is just overriding my settings when I reboot and I can't figure it out!

    I'm sorry if it's something basic I'm missing. I've always been a PC guy until about 8 months ago, and now my business is entirely Mac. So, I'm still learning!
  5. dgm
    macrumors member

    no ideas? it's killing me to have to re-cal/reset everytime I reboot! :mad:
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    So you're using a TV then... what happens when you turn just the monitor off and then on again? Do they settings stay the same?

    Maybe you'll need to just unplug the DVI from the MacPro on restart?
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    System Preferences > Display > Color > Calibrate

    Did you save your calibration? Does it revert back to default on boot? :D
  8. dgm
    macrumors member

    Well sort of, but it has no TV parts (tuner, etc), which is why I called it a monitor. Yes, if I leave the MacPro running and just turn off the monitor, everything seems to be fine.
  9. dgm
    macrumors member


    No, I'm not using the Mac calibration. As mentioned I'm using the EyeOne Match software/hardware (http://www.xrite.com/product_overview.aspx?ID=788) which should be much better/more accurate than eye-balling your calibration with the Mac software.

    Unfortunately, it seems that maybe the Mac calibration software is trying to override my EyeOne calibration and causing a real mess, which is really unfortunate.
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    Just for the fun of it, have you tried to calibrate you monitor via SP and restart after that? Could be interesting (and maybe helpful) to see the results.

  11. dgm
    macrumors member

    SP? Is that the Mac Calibration tool?
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    Hi Daniel,

    I'm sorry, I mean System Preferences.

  13. dgm
    macrumors member

    Oh ok... so you're talking about going into System Prefs, Displays, Color, Calibrate, right?
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    Yes, just in order to see whether the settings will remain the same or will also change after restart.

    By the way, does your Mac recognise your monitor?
  15. dgm
    macrumors member

    I assume it recognizes it. How would I tell if the two are truly communicating with one another?
  16. dgm
    macrumors member


    Having removed all calibration software and all monitor profiles that exist, I restarted and the same thing happened. Brightness/contrast too high.

    So, I set a Mac profile in System Preferences which looked pretty good, restarted and same thing happened.

    It seems that the Westinghouse monitor is reverting to some default on every restart even though the readings in the On Screen Display do not change.

    I'm so frustrated and confused.
  17. dgm
    macrumors member

    OK, check this out; partial fix.

    If I make sure the monitor is OFF when starting the computer and then turn the monitor ON a few seconds after starting the computer, everything is great!

    What do you make of this? There has to be a better way to manage this issue than having to physically turn my monitor off/on on each restart of the computer.
  18. dgm
    macrumors member

    No ideas as to why this is happening with this monitor and my Mac Pro?

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