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New MacBook Air: Gift Inside

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jun 17, 2009.

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    A nice little tidbit. Apple Remote can wait for me.
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    A welcome little addition.

    What's in the box

    That Rev C just keeps getting more tempting...

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    Apple Remote doesn't make sense

    I've always felt that the Apple Remote doesn't make sense in a portable computer - I mean, you're sitting right at it. I agree, it's pretty cool and easy to navigate et al... but the USB ethernet adapter is sure a goodie.

    Why isn't Apple making more noise about this nice gesture from their side? I wonder.
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    Maybe because it should have a built in NIC
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    You're quite narrow minded..

    How about hooking it up to a tele, a bigger monitor, or just playing music and wanting to skip a song while you do something.
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    Demosthenes X

    Quick Tunes is a way easier - and free - utility to do just that. I love it. Besides that, don't all new Apple notebooks have media keys?
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    Yes they do, but if your notebook is hooked up to a larger display, you'd be sitting further back. Why go through all the hassle of getting up and using the media keys if you could have a simple remote to do it while on your couch?
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    Is it gigabit ethernet like the rest of the line, or slower?
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    I meant if you were across the room.
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    Its not gigabit. USB only supports up to 480mbps so i am guessing its 100mbps ethernet.
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    Scarlet Fever

    I would have preferred a MiniDP-VGA or DVI adapter, but meh.
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    I have a remote, used it once then put in a drawer to never be seen again..
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    What we have here is another epic logical fail. Because you, as an individual, or you, as a member of a small community, want part A or B, you reason that Apple should do it. However, that makes zero business sense. Can you imagine how 90% of Air users would feel if they got a remote with their computer? They'd look at it and say, "Well, uhm, ok, that's nice, I think." The vast majority of the target audience doesn't need a remote. Case closed.
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    Love the Remote

    I love using the Apple Remote, works great for Keynotes and Powerpoints. I do lots of training and play training videos from my MacBook. I can pause and start from anywhere in the classroom!

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    I use the apple remote that came with my mini for powerpoint presentations when teaching with my macbook. its easier than holding a mouse
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    The Apple Remote is great--and it works with EyeTV (and now even Hulu) too!

    It's one reason I got an iMac instead of a Mac Pro, in fact.

    And I do use it with my Air as well, when running media to a TV (rare) or when playing music (common).
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    Download Hulu Desktop and you'll love the remote.
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    What we have here is another epic logical fail. This poster assumes, without doing any survey or even asking a few Air users what they think, that he knows the opinions of 90% of Air users.

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