New Macbook Air! Only $340,000: Platinum, Gold and Diamond

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Jobsian, Apr 18, 2010.

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    pfffft, bring me a gun metal grey color titanium housing :D gold is old!
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    See if I had the kind of money it takes to splash out on that, I'd just temporarily hire whoever it takes at Apple and Intel to stick a 4GB module and maybe an early build of the Q2-3 2010 more efficient Core-i's into a normally-clothed MBA!
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    and if i had that kinda money it'd be spent on a fleet of Mac pro's and screens haha :D
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    $340,000 for an Air

    That is just plain ridiculous! :eek:
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    Lambo or MBA , hmmm:rolleyes: tough choice
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    it weight 2.6Kg, too! which means that is twice the standard MBA: it's ridiculous!
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    Wait till that hinge snaps from the weight. Good luck w/that.
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    I don't know, if it's got 4GB of RAM I'd consider it, LOL.
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    Sign me up for two :rolleyes::eek:
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    I can just picture some Saudi princes daughter.

    "Daddy Please"
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    wow and I thought the regular MBA from Apple was overpriced. :eek:
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    Do they have a return policy for dead pixels? :)
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    Why are the keys different in those two pics? SCAM!:D
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    Those look like 3d renders to me.
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    Depends on the price of gold. I hope to hell it weighs more than 3 lb!
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    wow that's nuts.
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    I'll take 2!
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    Anonymous Freak

    The company that does that stuff is based near me:

    They can do a variety of colors. I like "Black Nickel".

    The link at the beginning of the thread appears to be an unapproved "reseller" (aka: massive markup fraudsters) of Computer Choppers mods. (Both sites have diatribes against the other. I have seen CC's work in person, and on the net for years, so I'm a little predisposed to believe their side.)

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