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new macbook air owner (rev.1) with fan & battery concerns (problems?)

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by johnegq, Dec 23, 2008.

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    First time macbook air owner, many time macbook & macbook pro owner. These are really a few annoyances but I will not keep the macbook air if they persist.

    First, while the fan is at 2500rpm (which I've read is normal at idle) I can hear the fan. The noise is NOT from the speed, it the kind of noise that comes from a very cheap PC fan. To add to the concern, the noise has been coming and going. While I began typing this thread I could hear the noise, at this moment I can't. Because of that fact I will probably go to the genius bar if the noise continues (because I hate fan noise, sorry i'm annal about it).

    Second problem is that the battery is claiming to take forever to charge. I drained it to nothing, then charged it over night. 10 hours later, in the morning, the light was still amber (not green). I powered on the machine and it was at 99%. Then 5min later it was stating 100%.

    Misc Observations:
    I also wish build quality was better. There are edges from the bottom plate where it isn't aligned properly or something, cause edges. There are also sharp edges on the drop-down drawer (what is the name for this?) which doesn't close by a few hairs less on one side than the other. Also a few chips marks can be seen along the outside sides where I would guess the laser cut it?

    I currently own a new Macbook and comparing the keyboard to the gen. 1 Air its obvious that the keyboard has been upgraded. The improvement...there is a lot less "play" (movement) of the new keyboard. It took me a little while to determine what felt different. But if I put my fingers on the keys and wiggle there is a lot of noise from the keys moving; not so on the new Macbook.

    I'm not seeing the "instant on" feature of the LED backlight. My backlight slowly fades in from a dark state.

    Maybe someone will share some insights? THANK YOU!
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    The fans on Rev A were much louder then B, I had both so I can say that for sure, I am also anal and have to have a silent MBA the SSD drive make it silent, no parking heads, or any noise, Rev A also had a charging problem some not all took 9 hours to charge, I think there was a fix, try a search maybe.
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    thanks for the input. do you feel your new rev 2 is more refined? feel like its more powerful? I may have to upgrade...
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    you really cant go by me, I had nothing but fans and high temps on mine, I bought the rev B and it was amazing, no fans or heat at all, I wish my A was like this.

    Some people have had no or little issues with A, I was not one of the lucky ones.
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    I have a rev 1 and I'm not noticing many of the problems that you state. When the fans are near silent when at 2500RPM and even when at 6200RPM they aren't loud enough to be bothersome. I have noticed that the battery takes longer than it should to charge. I don't have much play on the keys of my MacBook Air either, and the display is instant on for me. Perhaps you should take it to Apple and see what they have to say about the issues.
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    A distant buddy of mine has a rev 1 air so at some point when we get together I hope to compare the two. If the fan noise returns (is gone now again) I will most certainly take it to the store. The noise I was hearing wasn't a clicking sound but it also wasn't from air movement either. I'm trying to think of the words to describe it, maybe sound from a bearing issue.
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    My Rev A, which is only two hours old works absolutely amazing so far.
    Have been using it to brows the web for two hours and it didn't make one sound yet. No sound at all. And also no heat.
    The thing I did notice is how long it takes for it to recover the battery's health. I will inform if a kernel attack strikes though. I have the SSD btw, but it can't be that much different?

    And my screen goes instant on when opening :S
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    I most certainly will be making an appointment at the apple store as today I started to hear "snap, crackle, pop!" like rice crispes in my laptop!!! (I muted the sound in case it was the source). After a few suspend/resume the sound was still there. I did a hard power reset. Waited a few hours. Scary sound is gone. So now my job is to get the sound to return so I can show to apple techs! All I could think was my battery was about to catch fire! (low probability but it was been in the news)
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    I had a two Macbook Airs (rev 1) for a few months - my observations:

    1. Fan noise on one had a funny noise - but only when it revved up to >5000rpm, which rarely occurred after updates and downloading flash 10. If I still owned it though, I would definitely take it in to get it checked.

    2. Battery on the air takes about 8-10 hours to fully charge to 100%. At 80%, the MBA has an auto "trickle" charge. The slow charge helps to prolong the integrity of the battery - as it is officially non-user replaceable. It's a pain and it's slow - but you'll appreciate it when your battery has only 5% wear after a year and a half.

    3. One of my MBA was newer, and one was a bit older. The newer one was great - hinges were solid and the lid closed evenly. The older one exhibited a bit of a wobble, but I suspect that's because of the added weight of the speck hard cover that adds significant weight to the screen - and over time, weakened the hinge.

    4. The keyboard - I feel it's about the same as my current unibody MBP.

    General Impressions:

    The screen on the MBA is absolutely amazing - better than my unibody MBP screen IMO. After downloading the new updates - the fans rarely ever revved up. I never had an issue with performance or core shutdowns so my experience with the two MBA's I owned were positive. I eventually sold the MBA's to get a Sony TZ which was better suited for me.
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    "The screen was absolutely amazing" can you be more specific? The viewing angles are terrible. I find myself adjusting it a lot. Maybe you liked the contrast and color?

    More observations, the ambient light sensor on the top of the screen has got to be the dumbest move ever. It is never correct for me. While sitting here it is sensing what is out the window (bright) and not the lighting above me (which is dark).

    I love all Apple products, but I also love to engineer things, so i'm not hating, just observing.
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    turn off the ambient senser and down load Lab tick.

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