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New macbook on the way :D

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by DRIVAR, Nov 15, 2008.

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    Well I put my order in for a 2.4ghz macbook on in on friday night after work when I confirmed my funds! I must admit i'm very excited!! I love the look of the new macs and can't wait to get my hands on it! I've been a pc boy all my life and now it's finally time for the change and I dont think i'll look back :)

    I just have a question though, it sais the laptop ships within 24hrs.. i'm guessing that doesnt include weekends as its still saying not shipped yet?

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    yup weekends dont count :) congrats, enjoy it!
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    I bought my shuffle off apple on a Sat, and I received it Tues. I live in the Northeast and the depot it came from was loacted in NC (i think).

    weekends doesn't count, shipping was quick though
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    The Samurai

    Nice one, you can drool on my video review until you receive it :D
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    It will take 5 days if coming from china. this after it ships :(
  6. HSE

    I custom ordered my MB on a Monday and received it Thursday
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    It never comes that fast:(
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    Congratulations. I just picked up a new Macbook Pro today (I exchanged a defective one :(). I get my new iphone tomorrow. :D
  9. HSE

    I should add, I did pay the $10 expedited fee
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    from China no overnight, I learned the hard way!
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    oh the expedited shipping isn't that good with apple, things tend to come at the same time expedited or not lol, but i always get my replacement stuff and repair stuff the next day.. the warehouse they sent stuff from for me is only a state away =D
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    I'm sure you should receive within a few business depending how close you are to their depot. they should have MacBooks in stock unless they come off the slow boat.
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    sydney is usually next day delivery.
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    Mine shipped from China, and if I remember correctly, on my UPS tracking page, it looked like they processed it over the weekend. So I don't think they have off days. Could be wrong though.
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    It just arrived!!
    Well from the tracking sheet it started being processed first thing monday morning and just arrived at my house today, so all up 1 1/2 days to get from sydney to perth!
    I assume they have a stockpile in sydney...

    now i have to wait 4hrs until i get home *yawn*
    Sux being at work :(
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    it's going to be a long 4 hours now :p
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    but.. the boss isnt in today ;)
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    so i finally got it :)

    it's perfect!!

    No flaws, no bad screen, keyboard, battery cover etc.

    Very happy, started to worry hearing about peoples dodgy laptops coming in.. so im happy :)

    Funny its such a good looking laptop i dont even wana touch it!!
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    That's how I feel when I first buy any technology from Apple, you get over it, fast. :p
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    Twilight Elk

    Congratulations on receiving your MacBook. I, too, got the 2.4GHz, but from the Apple Store. Mine is flawless too, so I understand you excitement :D

    People should understand that flaws in computers are usually scattered and rare. It seems like everyone complains about their new MacBook because this is a Macbook thread and we are in a Macintosh-friendly website.

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