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New MacBook Pros DO NOT work with Lion

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by Eddieowns, Feb 26, 2011.

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    So, I purchased a new MacBook Pro yesterday, being a huge upgrade from my 2008 BlackBook.

    I purchased the 2.3GHz i5 13in model.

    I used the Migration Assistant to transfer over my account, and I continued on with my usual web browsing. I decided to purchase a Mac Dev account today, after hearing about the great stability of Lion.

    I downloaded the 10.7 .dmg file from the Mac App Store, and partitioned my HDD properly, so I wouldn't lose any of my freshly transfered data. As soon as I opened the Lion Install file, I was greeted with this warm message:


    At this point, I assumed that my install file was corrupt, considering I was running the latest hardware, so that couldn't have been the issue. I downloaded a new 10.7 file, this time using other means of acquiring it, and I went through the same process of partitioning my drive, and trying to install the Lion .dmg. After all this hassle I was greeting with this SAME message:


    By now, I was getting extremely annoyed. I tried to find a reason for my problems online to no avail, so I did the only thing logical; I reinstalled Snow Leopard to a clean state.

    While I was installing Snow Leopard, I downloaded this same .dmg file from another location onto my old 2008 BlackBook. I wanted to transfer the file onto the new machine without any possible factors having a negative impact on my installation. I finished downloading the file roughly 10 minutes after my fresh installation of Snow Leopard was complete.

    Then I connected both machines via the FireWire 400-800 cable that I had used yesterday for migration. I powered off my 2008 BlackBook, and rebooted it, holding the "T" key, to prompt it to go into a FireWire transfer mode. Sure enough, my BlackBook's harddrive popped up on my new MacBook Pro's desktop. I transfered over the .dmg file, partitioned my harddrive correctly, and tried to install....

    And what do you know, I received the same annoying error message. This is on a brand new MacBook Pro, the LATEST HARDWARE!

    I once again wondered if the .dmg file was corrupt. I rebooted my 2008 BlackBook, to try and run the .dmg on it... It worked perfectly.

    For whatever reason, Apple's brand new developer preview for Mac OS X Lion does not work on Apple's brand new MacBook Pros.

    What gives, Apple??
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    Since the hardware is so new, and I'm sure they have been working on this release of Lion for a while, it makes sense. They haven't been able to do enough internal testing yet and need time to work out some kinks.
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    Steve Ballmer

    The ADC build is not "brand new." It's just an old build being made public.
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    So perhaps the newer builds have some surprises in them that Apple doesn't want the public to know about yet (i.e. they probably want to control the flow of information about new features leading up to Lion's release)?
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    Steve Ballmer

    Doubtful, they just haven't made the most recent build available yet. It'll probably show up in a fortnight or so.

    The seed notes already list several dozen known issues with this current build, implying they have been fixed in the next one.
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    I mentioned this in a post last night. The Lion preview is possibly working in the low-end 15", but neither of the new 13". I'm not sure about others as I don't have access.
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    I should add that when the installation was attempted on Eddie's computer, Console was outputting 'image not found' errors, as frameworks and libraries were not found.
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    Ya same issue here
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    You copied the whole of the post just to say that?
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    Same here with the early 2011 Macbook Pro, what I did was I installed OS X 10.7 on an external USB HD on my friends older Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo and then booted off it on my early 2011 Macbook Pro i7 Quad Core. It does boot and is operational however WIFI hardware is not detected and does not work also the trackpad is not detected when going into the pref pane and selecting trackpad but it still works, haven't tried the gestures which probably don't work so this build is not compatible with the new hardware in these machines for whatever reason.
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    This is such a bummer.
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    ^ Is that a joke? The developer preview obviously lacks drivers for the newest Macs and this will be fixed before the release. Duh. :rolleyes:
  13. WyseOne, Mar 9, 2011
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    Simply stating what works and what doesn't. :eek: It's called contributing to the thread unlike your remark which offers absolutely nothing. Others may do the same and I am simply stating what works and what doesn't. I never expected it to be fully functional on a release that was put together before the new hardware came out and I have no idea where you got the impression that I was expecting it to.

    I think the saying "If I wanted to hear from an a$$hole I would have farted" fit's perfectly here.
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    haha I thought the same thing
  15. jeanlain, Mar 10, 2011
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    Easy. I was replying to the post just above mine, which really sounded like 10.7 would never work on some Macs. How could the observation that a developer preview of OS X doesn't work on some Mac hardware be "such a bummer"?
    In that perspective, my post contained useful information.
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    He wanted a reference incase we didn't know he was refering to the instalation of 10.7

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