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New MacPro coming, how to integrate old G4 with it.

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by BigAlMAC, Feb 6, 2008.

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    Good day all...
    I just ordered my MacPro. I currently have a G4 Quicksilver & is working great.
    My question is how can I integrate my G4 into my new system (thats on the way)?
    What can I do with it, make it a server??
    Its working too good to box up & leave it.

    Opinions & thoughts appreciated.
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    I've got an old G4 that I use as a file/mail/IRC/iTunes server - sounds like a good option to me.
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    If you want you can use Synergy. It'll allow you to control both Macs using one keyboard and mouse with a two monitors. Kind of like an advanced VNC setup. Or you could use the Quicksilver as a media machine.
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    Thanks for the info..
    So how would I use it as a media server or other?
    Would I need osx server on it?

    Can I format it & put server on it & use it for storage or some version on raid (dare i say).

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    You don't need OS X server. That would be dramatic overkill. You just need to enable file sharing through the Sharing preferences and you can keep your music, movies, and pics on the QS G4. Its all quite simple. You can use a RAID setup, but again, Server isn't required for that. I think at this point you have a good platform to experiment with.
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    I'm moving my G4 into (either) my living room to use for music and movies or towards the kitchen to use for recipes, music, and movies while cooking. I plan on stripping it of most files except media, internet, word processing, etc. But for my purposes, I don't see a point in making it into a server of some sorts (what would be the purpose?).

    Just through I'd throw that out there as something else to consider.
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    Personally I think G4's are too noisy to use in the living room and too bulky to be in a kitchen. I say put VNC on it, stick it in some corner of the house (while still on the network) and relegate it to menial tasks like iTunes & iPhoto sharing.

    Even better, just sell it and use the money to add more RAM into your Mac Pro.
  8. Roy
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    G4 too noisy? I have a G4 Digital Audio and I don't consider it noisy at all. In fact, it's the quietest computer I've ever owned or used. Never used a Mac Mini, but I think the mini would be quieter.

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