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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by lzh24, Jun 23, 2012.

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    I received my MBA 2012 only two days ago, and last night I found there is a small gap btween the bottom case and upper panel on the left hand side near the trackpad. I suppose it may be the defective battery swelling making the case warped. It is my first Macbook product, I'm really disappointed. :( Im just wondering is it very common for Macbook? Should I ask for a new MBA replacement or just the battery? Coz my one is customized with 8G ram, and it took me almost one week to get after I placed my order. Am I lucky or unlucky with this experience?:mad:
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    No, it's not common, but it happens.
    I'd just ask them to make it right. They may replace the battery or the whole MBA.
    Just a bit unlucky, but there's no need to worry: Apple will make it right.
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    I may feel lucky it happened quite early, and I read someone said Apple may not replace the battery for free even it's still in the AppleCare period, as they consider battery is a consumable item.
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    That's not true. As long as the Mac is covered by warranty or AppleCare, Apple will replace a battery if it's defective. They just don't replace them for normal wear.

    This should answer most, if not all, of your battery questions:
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    Apple replaced my battery under Applecare and it was almost 3 years old.
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    If a battery is defective, which this one clearly is, then Apple will fix it under warranty or AppleCare. What AppleCare doesn't cover is normal drops in battery capacity with use.

    This is rare, but it happens with every manufacturer. Lithium Ion is volatile, and sometimes a battery cell is defective. Take it back and Apple will make it right. My guess is that since it is in the return period they will simply exchange it. Hopefully they have your model in stock (Apple has some configurations in the store), but if not they will order you a replacement.

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