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New MBA in not-so-perfect condition

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by joewillmott, Aug 7, 2012.

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    When my MBA arrived about 3 weeks ago it had a small scuff/dent thing on the lid. It bothered me from the go but having recently bought/returned a retina MBP and bought this online, I had waited over a month to have a decent laptop so wasn't prepared to wait a few more weeks returning this and buying another (my job required me to keep it and get back to work to pay the rent!).

    Now it is REALLY starting to get to me. I notice it whenever I use my laptop and for how much this thing cost is really bothers me. Is there anything I can do about this? I have had it for a while and have no proof it was like this when it arrived which is another thing that scares me.

    What do I do!? Why does such a small, pointless thing make me hate this laptop and regret the money spent on it??
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    b.c when you spend that much money you want perfection. That would annoy just about anyone. Now that you are outside of your 14 days, you are out of luck
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    Past your 14 day, return policy.....???
    not much u can do, i think. I would, have been exactly the same..... however, I wouldn't have waited..... " Sorry ".....:apple:
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    Post a pic of this dent and I will personally, once and for all, determine if you should be mad about it! ;)
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    Get over it. Seriously, I'm not trying to be harsh or anything but just get over it. If you are past the 14 day return policy then you're officially out of luck and they won't accept it for return, specially when you can't prove that this wasn't caused by you. If you don't get over it then the only thing you'll get is more and more mad and uncomfortable with your machine when in reality is just an aesthetic problem. Does it work correctly? then be happy. It won't help you get so centered in this problem...
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    I got such dings on a wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad (twice). Apple exchanged them without flinching, quickly at that. All exchanges happened within the 14-day return period though. If you're past it, you'll have to sell it and buy a new one, sorry :(.
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    Nothing a stylish decal can't fix up on your Macbook.. give your machine some personality and stop worrying about it. If you were within 14 days i'd have exchanged it of course, that's not even acceptable on a $300 machine, let alone a $1000+.
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    Why did you return the retina?
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    I do wish I had returned it within the 14 day period, however I *NEEDED* to get some work done to pay rent so it wasn't an option until it was too late.

    I returned the retina MBP because:
    a) Not enough stuff was retina-ready yet (programs/websites)
    b) It did not do much more than my MBA for double the price
    c) I encountered coloured-wheel-cursor thing every day or two which I did not find acceptable from such an expensive laptop
    d) 13-inch is far more my kind of thing
    e) The battery life was terrible when I had anything open
    f) I was constantly scared of breaking/losing it due to how much it cost
    g) Although lighter than the old MBP and easy to take places, it was annoying weight to carry all day everyday
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    Would having a hard case cover help to hide the dents? Just wonder how perfect you would like your laptop to be bare or with cover on..
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    Fair enough, I've been having pre-buyers remorse about some of those very things.
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    Putting it in a case or using a skin will help take your mind away from any minor defects and prevent future ones. :)

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