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New MBA?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by gri, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. gri
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    Any idea 1) when and 2) in what form the new MBA will come? I am hesitating between upgrading now from rev. C but I really want a back lit key board and am hoping / assuming they will re-introduce it in the next version... Can't really go after the MBA cycle to estimate when the next one will come, but looking at the MBP it could be this summer...
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    Yes, we all know. But we're not going to tell you.
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    ive gotten to the point where i stop thinking about whats next and think about what I can constantly afford to buy.......I just got a "Ultimate" 13" Air...and if and when a new one comes out, then I will most likely get that one.....this one works amazingly though, so fast, faster than my 15" i7 for everyday browsing and office tasks...
  4. gri
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    Good one - and point well taken
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    i don't see them re-introducing the backlit keyboard. I think an update will depend on how long Apple can continue to get C2D chips from Intel. Once they run out they will move to Sandy Bridge.
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    why should they wait that long? A ULV SB processor with integrated graphics is likely cheaper than the C2D&320 combo, and as Apple won't be able to wait until ULV versions of Ivy Bridge are available and skip SB completely, why not do the move to SB as soon as the ULV chips are available?
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    Hoping: June/July release w/ SB CPU.
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    I am hoping for an update since the last refresh was October. Not sure how the intel graphics will perform over the current nvidia chipset. Been reading how many people dislike the SB intel chipset...
  9. gri, Mar 12, 2011
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    I was wondering about that too. So they are not happy with the new MBP 13'?
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    Windows gamers are unhappy, the rest should be fine. Of course, if Apple had removed the SuperDrive, they would have had enough space for that extra GPU even in the 13".
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    Well according to the gamers, the Intel HD3000 is a tad slower than the 320m.

    I actually just purchased a refurb Air and would like the backlight too. If a revision does come in the Summer, I guess I can just sell it and go ahead with a new one. But if there is no revision, then I will still be satisfied with my purchase.

    What would make me purchase the revision in a heartbeat? An MBA with SB, Thunderbolt, and backlight kb. Might not be possible but I would think an external Thunderbolt drive would solve a lot of our space/external drive speed issues.

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