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New 'mobile documents' icon [update]

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by funrush, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. funrush, Feb 26, 2011
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    Mobile Documents icon.

    I found a new icon in 10.7. It's called "SidebarMobileDocumentsFolder.icns", it looks like this:


    It's located in /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle>Content>Recouses

    This is the location for all system-wide/Finder icons. 10.6 does not feature this icon.

    I think it'll be used for either: MobileMe/ Apple cloud document storage
    A folder that shows up in your finder when you plug in your iPad so you can easily copy and manage documents stored on the device.


    iStats Pro tells me there is also a 'MobileBackups" TimeMachine disk mounted, I can't seem to find it anywhere on my Mac. It's 65.67GB big and there is no space left.

    Is this also a part of the new MobileMe?

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    This, combined with AirDrop makes me think that Apple is working hard to bring better file sharing between Apple devices, including the iOS devices. I expect iOS 5 to have that as key features, "Mobile Cloud Storage" and "AirDrop" capabilities to fill in the lack of a user accessible file system in iOS.
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    Sorry, you're a little late. But good job!
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    aawh :( I was actually very proud of my geeky discovery.
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    Well I heard/saw it here from you first ;-)
    Good find! :)
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    Has anyone found these icons in the developer release of 10.6.7?
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    The image is not in 10.6.7
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    I wonder if I am going to need Dropbox anymore?
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    Hopefully this'll be a version of Dropbox/iDisk that actually works.
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    It's really hard to compete with DropBox. It's free and fast, has great integration with OS X and works very reliable. I'm looking forward to hear what Apple has planned for MobileMe and iDisk.
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    iStats Pro tells me there is also a 'MobileBackups" TimeMachine disk mounted, I can't seem to find it anywhere on my Mac. It's 65.67GB big and there is no space left.

    Is this also a part of the new MobileMe?

  14. jpg, Feb 27, 2011
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    wow this is a huge find
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    I can confirm I also see this on iStat. My one says 121.0 GB - I guess it reflects my 128gb ssd.
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    You can see what's in there if you go to Finder Go->Go to Folder-> /Volumes/MobileBackups/

    It's the same format as Time Machine, a Backups.backupdb folder and looks like it contains snapshots.
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    MY MobileBackups folder is 77.55GB, again 0MB is free.
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    I think it has something to do with this "local snapshots" selection.
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    I know AirDrop is Mac to Mac only at the minute, but I wonder if it could be opened up to allow full WiFi syncing of iDevices, possibly as part of iOS 5
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    aaah yes, that makes sense. But why is it called 'mobile'?
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    No clue. I can only think that it may have something to do with Versions and Auto-Save.
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    I'm sure that's for those new Auto-Save, Versions and maybe Resume features. Also possible that local DB will be flushed to the TM disk once it will be connected. Quite handy but dunno how this will affect performance and disk space; we'll see.
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    So I disabled local snapshots and my free space went from 47.93GB to 50.44GB in seconds (SSD). That's a whole lot of data to be cached for a local snapshot.
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    This doesn't make any sense. My MobileBackups drive is 135gb which is the total size of my entire mac partition and I have no external drives attached (network or otherwise). iStat must be reporting it wrong. It's impossible that there is 135gb of space being used somewhere.

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    It's probably just because iStat Menus isn't written for Lion yet. Woudn't spend too much time worrying.

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