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New Nano - Does the invitation say it all?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by pismodude2, Sep 2, 2008.

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    Many have pointed out that the invite to the newly announced September 9th Apple event shows a previous generation iPod Nano in the hands of a dancing pink man.

    In the picture below, I left both images proportional, and you can see quite clearly that the Nano in his hand is considerably longer than the old Nano.

    What do you think? :)

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    any particular reason why that wouldn't be an ipod touch?
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    Apart from the fact that it's white, the proportions are WAY off for the screen and he isn't listening with wireless heaphones? No.:p
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    Well all silhouette ads in the past year have presented white iPods, yet at the same time, there are no white iPods. Then I am going to point you towards this silhouette iPod ad from April that has the iPod touch. And lastly, wireless headphones?
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    who said the ipod is pictured from straight on? it could be any size, any ipod at an angle.
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    This post is absolute madness.

    And in order to make this post have a point. To answer your question... I think this is absolute madness. O.J. Simpson had more going for him then you do.
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    I was joking - hoping for Bluetooth... :eek:
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    The post isn't pointless, it's just idle speculation and curiosity just like the majority of everything else on this board. The OP obviously gave it some thought, spent a bit of time representing those thoughts, and posted them here to share them and garner other's opinions. You don't happen to agree. Fine. Doesn't make it any less legitimate. Don't be an arse.

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