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New On Apple!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by MacAztec, Jan 25, 2002.

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    On apple.com there are tons of new downloads for X. But it wants a speed browser plug-in, which is not out. Nothing will download! I think 10.2 is coming tonight to help us download!:D
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    4 REAL!

    I think I am right...
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    Hmmm, I'm having no such problem. Would be nice to get 10.2 today, though :)

    Just a quick question, say I don't want something that pops up in the software update window (like some foreign language or something), is there any way I can make it not ask me if I want it again (without downloading and installing it)?
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    Highlight all your unwanted updates. Go up to one of the menus up top (dont remember which one) and make them "inactive."
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    thanks, you're a life saver. Seeing as how I speak ENGLISH, and use an HP printer I didn't really want to keep seeing every language update known to man as well as like 5 Epson printer updates
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    Downloading & Inactivation

    Thanks for the Inactivation tip

    On the original question, I was able to download in IE by control clicking on the URL and selecting Save to Disk.

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