New PB Graphic card at 212 F

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by tribe3, Nov 28, 2005.

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    Holy poop! That is hot!

    Just downloaded the app, says my iBook's Graphics Processor Bottomside is 113.5F. That sounds kinda hot too, but I guess it's normal.
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    Mine is 212F/100C steady! and without using anything intensive. It would be interesting to hear what temps are other 15" DL's getting
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    That's ridiculous. How long was it like that or did you just notice?
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    I just noticed it, but I want to find out if it's just me or if it's another "characteristic" of the new HD PB's :rolleyes:
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    HOLY *****!!!! downloaded the widgit version and my temperature flickers between 163 F and yes 212 F (80C to 100C)

    Etiher the app doesn't give an acurate result or these PB's really are running way too hot.

    I thought the GFX card shouldn't be running anything above 60C and that's at full load.

    80C to 100C just looking at this website in safari is shocking. :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Hold on the Widgit is not working. When I press F12 the tempreture shows 18C-22C and after about 10 secs it jumps up to 100C????? I think the app is giving way off results.
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    Wow! My iBooks card is at a cool 51 degrees c. (aka 122F) thats 2x cooler... that cant be good
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    Mine is still staying around 115 or lower. Not over yet. I'm video chatting in iChat too.
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    That's quite hot. Still if it's stable it's working ok I guess, could be bad sensor. And if not it could mean your GPU could fail some time in the future from long term heat damage.
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    I just came back from the Applestore (TysonsCorner). They exhanged my computer for a new one even though I had purchased it 33 days ago. The 'genious' was very receptive and I'm satisfied with the service. I told him there was no way I would wait 7 working days for a fix; I also said that after that overheating and the fan rattling that was slowing down my intensive apps and games I wouldn't trust the computer anymore.
    He explained the situation to the manager and I got a replacement right there.
    It helped that I also took my iMac with a constant fan-on situation. It turned out to be clogged with dust. I'ts breathing better now.
    I asked him off-the-record what he knew about the "lines" problem and he said he hadn't had complaints... He sounded honest. I told him to check the ESPN logo and he was thankful with the tip.

    At least now I have 14 more days for a money back return just in case... My new serial is week 44 and it has the lines just like the other one. I see them very much mitigated when I sync the screen to TV gamma>native.

    I backed up everything except the saves for Civilization3!!! I was about to nuke China... O well at least many lifes have been saved:D

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