new PB is slow.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by hkala, Nov 14, 2005.

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    my personal PB has a 1.25 processor and 512 gig mem and i have about 60 gig full out of the 80 on the hardrive.

    i just got a spanking brand new PB from my new job.
    1gig mem
    only 30gig on hardrive

    but for some reason my old PB is blazing fast on the web compared to the new PB?
    considering the horses behind the new PB i would expect it to be much faster than my old PB.
    has anyone else found their new PB's to be a little slow on the web?
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    While I don't have either powerbook (I have the older 1.67), I would guess that they should be the same speed on the web. Assuming they are connected on the same router, that is.
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    i would make that same assumption.
    and they are on the same router.
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    Are they connected via ethernet? If so, try switching wires. One may be damaged in some way.

    If they are wireless, move them around. Maybe on is in the line of some interference that the other is not getting.

    Maybe it's just mental? You expected more and it just seems slow? (I'm reaching for straws on this one :eek: )
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    i hear ya.
    they are right next to each other and i'll test them and the old PB is killing it, so i dont think its mental.
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    DDR2 does run slightly slower than DDR. I don't think it is much of a difference. You probably shouldn't see the difference while browsing, but it could be part of the reason.
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    Interesting. Same OS version? Same browser version? Same Network settings?
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    Check the 'energy saver' settings under 'system preferences', that can make a difference with laptops.
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    I can tell you that you are not alone. I have the new 15" HD and I have also run slower on the web, and other things, than my 12" 1.5 GHz. I took it to Apple the other day and they even noticed things running slowly. They did a DOA and gave me a new one. This new one seems to run better. You might talk to Apple and see what you can work out with them regarding your new comp. You may get a new one.
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    The new PBs don't have the processor performance setting.
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    Ryan T.

    well, you know they had to make some sacrifices to let the things run longer even while adding a higher res screen
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    There is a program called safari speed that will remove the delay in opening webpages. Here is something I pulled from some guy's blog about how to do it in terminal:
    Though that doesn't explain the problem, it should speed you up! :)
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    New macs with Tiger out of the box will index the hard drive for spotlight. It will take a few hrs so this might be what you are noticing. I suggest opening spotlight in system prefs and dragging your mac hardrive icon into it so it won't index that drive.
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    I had not heard that. I'd be bummed if my ibook didn't have those settings -- it runs incredibly hot on highest performance, so I choke it down for laptop use. Given that powerbooks run hotter, I'd hate to have that option taken away from me.
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    i dragged the hardrive into spotlight but nothing popped up?
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    He's referring to the exceptions to Spotlight, i.e. the folders (which in this case is the whole hard drive) that Spotlight won't search.

    Open up System Preferences and click Spotlight. Then click on the Privacy tab and drag the Macintosh HD icon onto the area where you drag folders. Now Spotlight won't search the entire hard drive and will stop indexing it too (which may be why it is acting more slowly). To revert back to normal (i.e. so that Spotlight works again), delete the Mac HD from the list of exceptions.
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    Yeah, the new PowerBooks don't have the processor performance setting. Its built into the OS and OS X does all the work by itself now. So its not always on highest per say. I imagine that any new updates to iBooks will also have this setting as well.
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    the memory in the new powerbooks is slower, DDR2 has a higher latency, and it runs at a mediocre 167MHz in sync with the bus, and it's not even DDR, as the cpu does not have a proper DDR controller.
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    so... why did they switch to it?? :confused:
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    yeah, i did that.
    the hardrive didnt appear in the box.
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    I tought there was a bug in latest osx patch that slowed down safari...
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    Cheaper... well more importantly it uses less power, one of the reasons for the new powerbooks better battery life. But really the difference in performance should not be noticable. It's probably barely measurable with benchmark apps. No this problem could more likely be some bug with the whatever they used to replace the processor performance settings.
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    Well let's factor in the hard drive itself? Some Apple OEM drives have only 2mb of cache.
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    mad jew

    Is it possible your old PowerBook has all your regular sites in its cache whilst your newer one doesn't (yet)? :)

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