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New PBHD and CCC question

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by wattage, Nov 1, 2005.

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    Carbon Copy Cloner and new PB Hard drive
    I have searched the forums on these topics but can't find my specific questions-answered. I have cloned my PB HD to the Ext. LaCie. I will be replacing my PB with an 80gig 7200 drive this week.

    I understand that the clone is 'bootable', but do I also have to install Tiger on the LaCie or is it ready to boot right now??

    To check this do I go to syst. pref>Target disk mode; or restart with the option button pressed?

    To restart and boot from the LaCie (right now as a test), do I keep it mounted and then restart with 'option'. Or will this harm the Ext.HD?

    Should I partition the new PBHD once I get it?

    Should I just not worry about the bootable clone and simply install Tiger on the new drive and drag my apps, photos, tunes, docs, etc. to it?

    I know this is a lot but these are all my questions, the other threads don't spell it out like I need(newbie). Also I read about migration, should I look into that? Any help is appreciated. I know you 'pros' get tired of answering the same ole questions about routine maintenance.

    thanks brian
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    u can clone from ur lacae to ur new hd once u formatted it using disk uti use ccc and select the external hd as source and the internal as target then just reboot once its done and upgarde to tiger if u want

    done :p
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    In order to format the new hd won't I have to install an OS first. Or do you mean to boot up from the lacie first, which I don't know exactly how to do---see my questions in orig. post.
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    no just boot from a install cd and use disk uti there
    then boot up up off external hd and clone to internal hd

    clearer i hope:D
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    would you reccomend partitioning the new hd? I don't see my LaCie as an option in system pref>startup disk?????
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    I did find this post by hayduke:

    ) Use CCC to make a clone of your HD onto an external drive.
    2) Plug HD into another Mac via Firewire
    3) Select the external drive as the StartUp disk and reboot.
    4) You should now be able to run on an EXACT copy of your old HD, but on the new machine.
    5) Send the PB off for repair.
    6) Keep working on the external drive.
    7) The PB returns so plug in the external drive and select it as the StartUp disk.
    8) Now that you are working off of the external drive on your newly fixed PB, just run CCC one more time to clone the external drive to the PBs internal drive.

    It has worked for me multiple times. The key is that you can only clone to a non-StartUp disk so you have to StartUp using the copy that you want to retain.

    pretty much what you said, but it doesn't answer my question. I don't see my LaCie as an option for startup disk???
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    yes u can do that as well and partion as well up to u know !!
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    mad jew

    You can only boot from a FireWire external drive, not a USB one AFAIK.

    So you have a cloned version of your old OS on the external? Then start the machine up with the hard drive disconnected and the OSX disks inserted. Format the drive with Disk Utility to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) if it isn't already (most likely it isn't). Install OSX as per usual.

    Now, once you have OSX running you can connect the external irrespective of whether it's USB or FireWire and use the Migration Assistant in your Utilities folder (inside Applications) to get your old settings and files back. I think this is probably the easiest way although there are other methods. :)

    I think using CCC to clone back your external onto your new drive could end up pretty messy. There's more room for error.
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    Thanks for the reply Mad Jew, I think I will go with the Migration when the new HD is installed. Any idea why I am not able to reboot from the external drive right now as a test. Would it matter that I organized the cloned info into a folder (to keep it neat), among my other backup folders?? Does the clone need to be alone?

    Here is what I saw when i tried to restart + option key:

    I restarted with the option button and a screen (kinda whitish) appeard with four icons: 1> a refresh looking icon 2>a Mac HD folder 3>another Mac HD folder 4>a 'next' or 'continue' looking arrow (pointing right).

    I clicked the 3>(identical to 2>) then the 'continue' icon and a screen of computer language sprawled down and the last line said something like:

    panic: Kernal.....we are hanging here.

    I almost #$%^ myself thinking something bad just happened. But I restarted the comp and all is well. But what do I do???
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    mad jew

    Is it connected with USB or FireWire? :)
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    it's firewire
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    mad jew

    Some hard drives just don't work all that well with booting. However, make sure you're using the method outlined here. Sorry if that's not very helpful.

    By the way, have you got the new system up and running on the internal or is this still the old OSX install? Either way, you shouldn't really be needing to boot from the external.
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    I'm still using the old hard drive, my Hitachi 80GB 7200 RPM is backordered, they said I should get it Sat. or Mon. Since I have all the backup info I need (multiple times actually) I think I'm going to install Tiger on the new one and just transfer my data over manually or with Migration Ass.. I wanted to see how this clone business worked b/c it sounds really cool.

    Once my new HD has all my stuff, I'm gonna erase the LaCie and partition it to 80GB (same as the new one, and 70 GB) and start over with this cloning thing until it works-maybe I'll use SuperDuper instead.

    I do have another question (imagine that): Should I partition my new internal drive or is that only for really large drives?? I know I need to format it with disk utility from the Tiger DVD.
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    mad jew

    There's really no point in partitioning your internal drive considering you've got an external. Even if you didn't have the external, there's little point IMO. :)
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    Thanks for the input, have you had any experience with CCC vs SuperDuper? I know you must pay to use incremental backups with superduper.
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    mad jew

    I've had limited experience with both but I found CCC to be slightly more intuitive in terms of its GUI but otherwise they both seem competent. I've never relied on either for back up though, not that I'm saying you shouldn't, just saying that I'm not very experienced. :)
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    thanks for all your help Mad Jew, I do appreciate it!


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