New Photo Shows Rear of iPad 5's Narrower Front Bezel and Digitizer [Update: No]

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 31, 2013.

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    Taiwanese blog, which has on a number of occasions discovered photos of parts from upcoming Apple products, has shared a new photo [Google translation] of what is claimed to be the front panel and digitizer assembly for the upcoming fifth-generation iPad.

    The photo, which was posted to a Photobucket account, shows the rear of the part and includes the ribbon cable for the digitizer. Photos of the front of a similar part leaked last month, and both parts are consistent with claims that the upcoming iPad will see a redesign taking inspiration from the iPad mini with narrower side bezels.

    It is possible that this could simply be an iPad mini part, but it does appear to be a slightly larger version of that part, appropriate for the full-size iPad with its 9.7-inch display.

    Update 7:37 AM: French site has discovered [Google translation] that the photo is actually an iPad mini part, taken from a Chinese part vendor's website.

    Article Link: New Photo Shows Rear of iPad 5's Narrower Front Bezel and Digitizer [Update: No]
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    iPad Mini design for the full sized iPad is much needed. iPad needs to slim down and drop some weight, looking forward to purchasing my first iPad!
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    Mmmm nice. Should be more comfy to hold.
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    iPad 5 redesign has been rumoured for a while now, i think personally the limitation Apple is facing with releasing it soon is the processor as they only released the A6X late last year.
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    Well now I'll be torn on whether to get this redesigned iPad 5 or iPad Mini with Retina :(
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    May need to trade in my iPad 2 toward this...
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    i'll be buying a new iPad, i currently have iPad 3.

    not only will it be faster for me but also much cooler looking :)
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    Software is the concern for me. Not hardware.

    WWDC is what I'm focused on currently.
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    I think WWDC will unveil this device.

    I think Apple are just playing down product launches but we have seen these leaks for months and I think it will arrive.
  10. adbe, May 31, 2013
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    i'm really not a huge fan of losing the thumb bezel. The 10" is too large to comfortably hold without some amount of grip.

    [edit] typo.
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    Does it look kind of fat to anyone else?
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    Darn third party parts supplier leaks ;)

    Still don't think we'll see the iPad 5 at WWDC.
  13. sza
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    Maybe it will be light enough to hold with the thin bezel. We will see...;)
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    The 10" is currently a lot heavier right now, than it will be.
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    Unless your hands are much smaller than mine (which aren't very large), you might even be able to stretch and hold the whole tablet from the back.
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    This is my concern as well, I think Apple have convinced themselves that that 'thumb rejection' software in the mini is good enough to migrate to the full size iPad. I can't say I'm looking forward to covering the screen with my thumb on the new one though.

    Having said that, we don't know quite how much weight they are shifting off the new device, perhaps it will be comfortable (light) enough to hold it from the bottom in portrait mode.
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    My 2013 will consist of...

    iPad 5
    iPad Mini (for fiance')
    iPhone 5S/6
    Playstation 4 or Xbox One

    Oh wallet, how horrible I feel for you this year.
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    Makes me wonder which came first, the rumor or the panel

    I suspect their internal decision was to move all iOS devices to the Fall and that is the bigger factor over processors etc
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    Didn't lose enough bezel if you ask me - the side bezel still looks very thick imho
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    They best cut the weight if they're ridding it of the side bezel. I don't know anyone who doesn't feel the need to rest their thumb on the side to ensure they can support the weight of the iPad while hand-holding it.
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    I'm keeping my iPad 4 and adding a Retina Mini.
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    Ha! I'm a similar boat:
    • iPad Mini (only if it has Retina; if not, then iPad 5)
    • iPhone 5S/6 (whatever they call it)
    • Xbox One (will probably get the PS4 down the road)
    • 13in rMBP (when Haswell lands)
    • Maybe Mac Pro + Thunderbolt Display (if they both get updated)
    ... I need a job! :eek:
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    hmmm... nice!
    will definitely consider this beast when i will buy my next tablet (in december).
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    so it's still going to have a normal button at the bottom thats going to break after a while?

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