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New Pics, new movie, it's a new day

Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by teabgs, Oct 6, 2003.

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    That's right, there's a few new pics (of the almost completed characters) a new version of my animatic....there's a new ending.

    And of course some notes on my progress for my thesis film.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Looking better - but even with the armitures - its tough to follow the plot at times....

    when does this have to be done?

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    damn you're fast! Well, since the armatures are identical in the animatic it should be confusing...I'm hopeing that the final piece wont be confusing though. Gotta do some animation tests with both characters together to make sure it's easy enough to tell them apart.....plus a lot of this film is action based and thus what actually happens will come out in the performance (i.e. limping from cat injuries, etc.)

    I can't spend any more time on the animatic though, too much stuff to do. I do plan on blocking out the film if I have time before animating, so basically I'd shoot every Keyframe with the correct timing and just redo it with inbetweens afterwards (again this is if I have time).

    The final film needs to be "done" by May. Most likely I'll polish up the effects over the summer though, and have a real finished piece by the beginning of fall 04. Of course, if I can finish this thing earlier that's fine with me :D

    I'm gonna post my production schedule soon....most likely not before next week, but it will be up. I am scheduled to have all the stop motion finished by Jan 21st. which leaves sound effects, music, all CG elements and titles/credits to all get put together by the 2nd week of May.
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    Mr. Anderson

    just make one a different color(s) than the other, should be pretty simple.

    And I understand about the animatic - as long as *you* know what's going on, it should be enough.

    Good luck!

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    I like the music with the scenes...the jazz upbeat matches well, even though it's temporary.

    the fighting sequence is great too... :D
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    I plan to get a composer By Feb. Once the picture is locked (end of Jan/early Feb) I can get them to start writing my score.

    I want it to be a combo of a string orchestra and bebop. So, we'll be keeping that upbeat jazzy feel....but with more deep feelings from the strings...
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    I definitely like the drum feeling with it...as also the bassline to go along with it. I can't wait to see the finished product. ;)

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