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NEW!! Pink Shuffle!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by anti-microsoft, Sep 26, 2007.

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    link aint working.
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    $79 for a shuffle and a $15 gift card with a portion of that helping to fight breast cancer? wow, that's not bad.
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    I posted this information myself, 10 days ago! Ugh, I didn't get any responses at the time:


    The OP should have mentioned that the pink iPod shuffle and the $15 iTunes card is available at Target for only $79 altogether. Usually $79 will only buy you an iPod shuffle, with no iTunes card at all. I haven't seen this deal anywhere except at Target stores (I didn't check Target's online site yet).
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    Not a new colour surely but just getting rid of old stock now the colours have changed...
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    That's a pretty sweet deal on it's own, but helping cure breast cancer makes it an over-the-top great buy! :)
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    Isn't the pink iPod shuffle from the 'previous generation'?
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    Yes it is...
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    So are they just clearing old stock or is it a 'new' special version for the Breast Cancer charity?

    EDIT: Never mind I just read the exact same question in your earlier post! :)
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    Looks like a paler pink to me.
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    I think it is just the older generation iPod shuffle.... nothing new, just a repackage. Of course, it is for an excellent cause (fighting breast cancer), and you get the $15 iTunes card at no extra charge (compared to the regular price).

    I don't think it is a "paler" pink, but I could be wrong.
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    Tom B.

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    Ok those pictures do look like the old ones. The original pics on AppleInsider looked more pale, so I thought they might have been a new color. Nice way to get rid of old stock in that case.
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    Ok, sorry my bad!! In the Ai Pictures it looked like a pale peach pink, and in iLounge you can clearly see that its the previous generation!!:p
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    I saw a similar ad in the circular for the local Navy Exchange (NEX) this week. I figured it was just them clearing out the old inventory (until this week they were selling old iPod nanos and iPods at full price), but it looks like something new. My mother has one of the last generation pink shuffles, and I can guarantee that these are not the same color.

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    That's one large oversized clear plastic package just for the shuffle/gift card :rolleyes:

    Wonder how much was spent on designing the packaging alone.
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    Saw one yesterday in person at Target... they are indeed the same color.
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    iLounge makes it sound like Apple is doing something wrong by trying to get rid of previous generation models through this promo. Am I wrong, or was the only change to the new generation just the new colors? In which case this shuffle is exactly the same as the current one (except for the color)

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