new PM superdrive $350 ?!?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by giovanni, Jan 28, 2003.

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    Have you noticed that if at the Apple online store you try to add the superdrive while keeping the combo the price really changes by $350 instead of $200 ?
    What am I missing ? am I totally drunk ?
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    for the 1ghz, it adds $200....same on the dual 1.25ghz

    [EDIT] wait, i just re-read your are correct in that if you want a combo+super it costs $350 in upgrades....+$200 to make the combo in bay #1 a super, and then +$150 to put a combo in bay #2
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    yep, isn't that kind of f*** up ? looks a bit dirty to me ... but I guess that is the way it is, which is, if I move the combo from one bay to the other it suddenly becomes $150 more expensive !!!
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    i think it was always like that...but if you put a combo in drive bay #2 you are getting 2 combo drives, one in each bay...if you only want one combo drive, and you want that one in bay #2, you need to do that on your own....which would be sort of pointless because then you would need to do command-eject (i think that's it) to open up bay #2
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    i think it's option-eject, from what i've read and seen at apple stores

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