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New poll for iBook...TiBook

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by DakotaGuy, Jan 31, 2002.


If you had to choose between these 3 computers...which one would you buy?

  1. iBook G3 600Mhz, Combo drive, 12.1" monitor...$1499

    6 vote(s)
  2. iBook G3 600Mhz, Combo drive, 14.1" monitor...$1799

    6 vote(s)
  3. Powerbook G4 550 Mhz, Combo drive...$2299

    33 vote(s)
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    I thought the last poll done that pitted an iBook 600 with a G3 against a Powerbook 550 with a G4 was unfair due to the unrealistic price difference of only $150. Not to mock the person that did that poll I wanted to do my own poll and see who thinks the Powerbook is worth the extra money. I bought my iBook back in December before the 14.1" model was released...but here are the choices that you have as of today...prices courtesy of the Apple on line store.
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    I'm sure the 600 G3 is pretty fast.....but I don't think anything beats a G4!
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    why don't i have permission to vote in the pole or view results???
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    me hate windows

    signed in

    are you signed in?
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    Huh...now I feel kinda stupid for getting the iBook...hehe...I see that most prefer the Powerbook. I wonder if Apple actually sells more Powerbooks then iBooks then? I suppose sales figures are a well kept secret around the Apple camp. Well I like my iBook...it is quite snappy even in OSX 10.1.2 Does anyone know if Apple actually sells more Powerbooks then iBooks?
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    a few more iBooks, especially with the 14.1 now...it's an updated Pismo ;)
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    the 14 incher is the best of both worlds

    fast enough yet with a large enough screen and the price is right

    the tibook is bigger 15.2", faster, but it is costly but the best pro machine out there in its price range for sure

    the 12 inch ibook is a good budget deal and not a bad machine for almost any type of user whether it's 500 or 600 mhz

    all could really be used by pros for something
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    When I go off to college I would love to have a TiBook, but since I don't want to break the bank I will probably get a 14in iBook or whatever is out in 3 years.(Please let it be an iBook with G5!)

    Not all who wander are lost.
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    Save for the TiBook

    I had a couple of iBooks inc. a 500 MHz dual USB. I loved them - except the part under the left palm rest gets too hot on the IceBook.

    I'm on my second TiBook.

    I looked all through the Apple Store and the TiBook is still my favorite piece of machinery. The larger screen is a much bigger asset than you may at first believe.

    I saw refurbished G4 400 Tibooks at Apple's site (with 1 yr. warranty I think?) for $1300 - that's a steal if you don't do really intensive graphics.

    p.s. just ordered 800MHz iMac to burn DVD's!
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    You're right... I should have stipulated that the G4 was a preowned versus a new 14" 600. Nevertheless I now have posession of G4/550 laptop and I couldn't be happier. For my first foray into the land of the Mac, I've been incredibly impressed so far.
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    G4 is way faster

    True, no G3 can beat a G4.
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    welcome to G4-land! :p
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    I really enjoy my 500MHz G4 TiBook... I would never go to anything slower (like an iBook).

    It will be fun to see what is out in two years when I am ready to replace this laptop with a new one. Will it be a PowerBook G5 or G6 by then??
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    prices for powerbooks

    I just saw at circuit city that they had amazing prices for their powerbooks, go check them out, they are pretty amazing for a new powerbook.
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    looks like a screwed up buying the iBook, but I can't complain cause it seems pretty fast and runs well and i got a good price on it

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