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New Power Macs in person... thoughts

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by MacCoaster, Aug 17, 2002.

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    I went to the Apple Store today in Durham, NC to check out the new Power Mac and the iMac 17".

    I had thought the Power Mac G4s were HORRIBLE looking from the pictures. But in person, it doesn't even bother me.

    It is significantly faster than the non-DDR versions, but not by much. Maybe it's the fact that I'm comparing the non-DDR Dual 1GHz Power Mac with Mac OS X 10.1.x to the DDR Dual 1GHz Power Mac with Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar.

    It's pretty nice, but doesn't cut it for me. I'll wait.

    BTW, used iChat most of the time. Man, I thought it was ugly, pointless, etc. but I proved myself wrong. Wow.

    Any thoughts after personally seeing them and using them?
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    Im here right now. Really fast. Got a 23" HD Display, and a 17in next to it. GTG, peeps are watching byue
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    Re: New Power Macs in person... thoughts

    What does that mean?
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    Re: Re: New Power Macs in person... thoughts

    Originally posted by MacCoaster

    It is significantly faster than the non-DDR versions, but not by much. .

    That's what I was thinking. Isn't that kind of a contradiction of terms? He also said he was gonna wait to upgrade.

    MacCoaster, what are you running now? Are you gonna check out the 1.25s? Is this one of those "if you have a G3 upgrade, if you have a G4 800+, you can wait"?

    I guess he's trying to say that they're nice, but not that big of an upgrade.
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    I think he meant that DDR memory is SUPPOSED to significanlty increase performance, but it really doesn't in the new macs..
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    You are correct.

    Don't we love contradictory logic that actually works out. ;)
    Read my profile. My brother actually has the iMac, but my main computer is an AMD Athlon 1.4GHz Thunderbird.

    I've been following the Macintosh since my first Macintosh in early 1990's [believe it was 1991], with the IIsi. After the first editions of Digital Audio Power Macs, I have witnessed the decline in the worth of buying a Mac for performance [very important for me] and therefore got the Athlon over a Dual 800 a year ago. I will definitely check out the Dual 1.25GHz to see if it's any improvement. But I sadly doubt it. Right now, Macs are very well worth it for productivity, but since what I work with doesn't depend on productivity [actually, a little bit, but .NET takes care of all my productivity needs for programming, debugging, etc.]. Once the Power Mac picks up and lurches ahead, it might be very well worth my money; since OS X will be very mature by then [Jaguar was AMAZING; it's getting there!!!], and Mono [www.go-mono.com] will probably be ported to Mac OS X by the time.

    It all depends on the person and their needs. Right now Macs fascinate me by their simplicty yet they are sophisiciated but disappointed that they can't catch up. But of course, as I've clearly stated in my other posts. DUMP MOTOROLA! GO IBM!
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    Re: New Power Macs in person... thoughts

    they dont have the 1.25 ghz's there.. right?
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    Correct, no dual 1.25 GHz anywhere but Cupertino.
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    shipping times...


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