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New Powerbooks coming?!?!?!?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Pilgrims Pro, Dec 15, 2004.

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    I heard a rumor on an car forum that on Jan 11th, Apple is going to make some slight changes to the PBs. Can anyone confirm this? I am really interested in the 12", as I am tried of my first generation G4 iBook.

    Here is what is posted:
    12" - upgrade to 1.5 Ghz G4, BT/AE built in (like the new iBooks), 80 GB HD, Mobility Radeon 9700 (64 MB) Price $1399
    15" - upgrade to 1.67 Ghz G4, BT/AE built in, 80 GB, Backlit keyboard standard, Mobility Radeon 9800 (128 MB VRAM) Price - $2299
    17" - Same as 15" except 17" display - $2599

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    Still lame...sorry. The Pee Cee market has Apple wiped in laptops righ now, except for the iBook line.
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    Hey thanks for the help.... :confused: I wasn't asking about PCs or what your opinion was. Geeezus
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    There's another post on the forum about expected releases...this board is all about opinions... :D
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    You are absolutely right the board is about opinions when asked for them. :rolleyes: But I clearly asked if anyone had an answer to my question.
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    I can confirm or deny this on Jan. 11th.
    Changes are imminent, the specs are being talked about in every other thread, do a search and you'll find plenty.
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    Ok here's the deal, basically the Powerbooks line are kinda looking long in the tooth and are due an update. An expected time for the update is January because of MWSF (Jan 10-14). The rumoured update is more likely to be in the form of a speed bump or dual core processor, than a G5 PB.

    Conclusion: Magic 8ball says outcome looks good for upgrade, hold out if you can :)
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    Thanks for the INFORMATIVE post. I am not really looking for a G5 PB or even dual processors. I just want to get rid of my 14" iBook and get a 12" PB, so I thought if its getting some small upgrades as well as a small price drop, it would really be worth the wait. Thanks again.
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    ok.... you make no sense at all man. rumors typically get more frequent when updates are coming. if you for whatever reason want to wait until updates.. just wait... why must you have "informative" posts.. common sense outta kick in here and alert you to "updates are coming soon" DUH... then you belittle the people who basically tell you there's no real way right now for us to tell what these updates will be, yet they're essentially confirming that updates are coming.. yet this guy here says updates are coming... and you are fine with that simple answer... mental.. midget... are the only two words that come to mind when i read this thread
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    Easy on the pompous post there. The guy is looking to buy a new computer and just wants a heads up on whether he should buy now or if there is an impending update. This is pretty much the same thought process everybody goes through when buying expensive electrical equipment, especially computers. Of course nobody on this forum is going to know for sure when or what Apple are going to release in the future. Pilgrims Pro just wanted advice and probably reassurance. Fair enough if he had done a search he would have found a thousand similar posts, which would suggest that it's not such a ridiculous question, but there is no need for people to get all self righteous.

    And if you read through my post again, you'll find that this guy didn't say there was definitely going to be an update - just that it was likely.
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    I dont know why apple would upgrade the ibooks to specs that intentionally eat into their powerbook sales then release slightly updated powerbooks and drop the price to eat into ibook sales. It doesnt make sense. It seems to me like they have something else in the pipeline
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    "New Powerbooks" have been coming for a couple months now. Wait until MWSF, if nothing arises there, go get a PB. Trying to wait to get the latest model puts you into a constant waiting cycle. Eventually you'll buy one and then a month later they come out with a new model. It's the nature of the industry. I'd say wait a month (a little after MWSF, they love to throw out new product releases afterwards without the big announcements) and see what happens. Even if they do upgrade, the speed increases will only be small and more than likely unnoticeable to all but the highest power user.

    Unless they go to dual-core or G5, then there's benchmarks and Rev. A issues...
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    I would be very surprised to see the 9800...not only because it is ****ing huge, but mainly because of it would be a real milestone for the PowerBooks...one 1.1 inches thick with one of the most powerful notebook graphics cards. I would think Apple would use it with an e600 or G5 PowerBook rather than a speed-bumped G4. Does anyone know the dimensions/weight of the 9800 mobility?

    And how about the X Mobility cards, for Mac OS X?
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    1. the dual core G4 won't be shipping intill WWDC time at least.

    2. If there was a faster G4 would you think they would of updated the Powerbooks already?

    3. I think with the ibook geting faster G4's but, no pbook update is a sign that the G5 Pbook is ready to tear the PC notebooks to threads. :D
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    again.. they could barely get this thing into the iMac G5.. it will NOT fit in the PB.. sorry... speed bumps are all you're getting if they update at MWSF. dream all you want, G5 powerbooks are a year away at the least. IBM has to redesign the processor drastically for heat reasons to fit it in the PB... again... not likely to happen any time soon. i honestly... wish i could stop hearing about G5 PB's... it's getting old and there have been zero indications that it's even remotely close to coming out
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    You base you facts off of what that the Powerbook G5 is a year away? IBM already is close on releasing a low power G5 for the Powerbook and according to thinksecret could even ship in January. They barely made the 970fx fit in the iMac. Who says they can't get the 970GX to fit. I wouldn't be surprised if the GX and low power G5 is similar. There has been an indication of a G5 pbook. The Powerbook 7,1 and 7,2 numbers in 10.3.5. They both use the MacRISC4 architecture. If you will notice the Powermac, iMac and Xserve all use the MacRISC4 architecture. As I repeat why waste keynote time to announce a 1.67Ghz single core G4? Why wait as long as January to intro the little faster Powerbook? Something is up concerning the Powerbooks and we have to wait and see.
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    Hey dumba$$, I was responding to the fact that he is telling me that PCs are better, I didn't ask for an opinion on PCs vs Macs.

    Here is his quote:

    As you can see he gave an opinion about something I wasn't even asking about!!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    january would be a perfect TIME to release a new powerbook, but still, i guess it will be a G4 once more. one can always hope i'm wrong, but let's see...

    i'd say steve announces G5PB at wwdc next june, of course shipping begins in august and having immediately a very long list of orders at hand apple would be able to ship it to you next christmas.

    that's reality, folks. G5PB is still a year away. and the revB i'm waiting for is due may2006 according to the timeline mr jobs gave me ;) as if...
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    I am not really looking for the G5, I just want to get rid of my iBook and get a PB. So if the price drops and they upgrade the specs a little, I will be happy as a clam.
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    True... true...
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    sums it up

    Mr. Freak's post sums the new powerbook release up perfectly. I also like to buy rev b's of major items (cars, laptops ect) and will just have to wait a year at the min for a g5 pbook on my desk.
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    Why are the PowerBooks so *****, yet the iBooks are ok?

    Is it the flash 32MB 9200 video in the iBook that you're so impressed with? or that expensive plastic construction?
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    It is not the specs that are in it. It is the price and what you get. $999 for a 1.2 Ghz G4 machine? Wow, you practicly only give up 32 MB of Vram, .13 Ghz speed diffence and a superdrive. You have over $600! Right no the 12" Powerbook isn't looking impressive to me. Add a 1.8 Ghz low power G5 and it will be impressive again amd worth the $600 difference.
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    The notion of new PowerBooks comming out is getting a bit boring. Fair enough if there is a new model comming out then so be it. The thing is, the current line of PowerBooks are great anyway. Who needs all the power of a G5 in a laptop anyway. Get a G5 tower for that.

    The PowerBook is a perfect medium to go around to your clients and take the finished work that you have done and present it to them. Do all your work on a G5 and then show it on a PowerBook.

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    Seems everyone thinks i'm being a dick here so i'll explain.

    Personally I don't see G5 Powerbooks in the near future. At the earliest as I said is a year from now. IBM needs to really revamp the G5 to get it into a laptop, FX, GX, whatever. Apple will likely NOT put a G5 in a laptop until it can be as "cool" (heatwise) and not suck down battery life like mad and is at least comparable to a G4 in terms of battery life. Why sacrifice something good for a simple faster processor. Last I heard the 9800 Mobility was a power hog too, so I don't see that being thumped into a PowerBook either, combine the G5 with a 9800 Mobility and you have some pretty crappy battery life. Maybe they can fit it in a laptop, but the battery technology is gonna have to improve because I don't see Apple throwing out a laptop that burns your lap any more than the G4 already does with lower battery life. We're looking at another G4 revision, and as stated the G5 COULD be announced at WWDC '05 and released some months afterwards.

    As for the original post i made in here, sorry man, but this question has been asked 800 times, a simple search would've proven good. I understand wanting to wait, I did and bought my first PB in March (i think it was March anyway) when they did the Revision C's and I am more than happy with my purchase, in the deal for the same price I got (AirPort Extreme which wasn't included in the previous revision, and a 60Gig hard drive as opposed to the 40gig, I don't recall but maybe the 9700 mobility too but i dont' think so)... so yea, my waiting was worth it, but I didn't come on here asking repetitive questions either because I had enough common sense to look before bothering to ask questions that have already been answered. No offense, just kinda annoying when the information about "possible" upgrades is starring you in the face like powerbook updates.

    Hopefully you guys see a bit of reasoning in that.

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