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New powermac G3 for free? Should I grab it?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by fs454, Jan 2, 2008.

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    Its possibly not free but there's a high chance of it being free. My school has a buttload of them in new condition, perfectly clean on the outside and inside.

    It's a 300mhz G3 with 64mb RAM and a 6GB drive, and an ATI Rage 128.... Could I get Tiger onto this and make it fairly usable(add RAM/HDD/etc) just for the hell of it, or is it not worth it?

    It currently is running OS 8, heh
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    Not really worth your time for OS X.
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    I use a 400mhz g4 as a fileserver using tiger, you could probably use it for that purpose.
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    Yeah it's probably not worth it if you have a newer mac it will just collect dust due to it being so slow, I mean what is it like 5/6 years old.
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    I fixed it for you.
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    Holly Cow your right Gee whiz that's old!:eek:
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    I played with my Power Mac G3 back in 2005. ;)

    It was fun then at 450 MHz and a Radeon 7000 with PCI Extreme. :rolleyes:
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    You could get 10.2 on there. Probably not Tiger. Always good to have an extra machine when your main one isn't available for one reason or another.
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    Tiger will run on it ok. Fine as a file server. I have one that runs 10.4.11 with 60Gb and 80Gb old drives JBOD'd and a 40 Gig HD as a primary OS drive.

    Serves two computers at my office.

    What I am wondering is if it was possible to squeeze 3 500Gig HD's in it, JBOD them and use it as a Time Machine Network backup/FTP server. I guess my question is if the IDE bus will take 500G drives and see all 465G effective each? I'd like to figure it out before I go and invest into 500G PATA drives.

    Thanks all.
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    To see the (3) 500GB drives,you need a SATA pci card and you'll see all of it .. I use a G4 DP GE as a file server going thru 10/100 Mb switch .. as for buckup for TM i'm going for this since it's endless on upgrade options. :D
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    Like iPhil said, the machine is limited to 120 Gb IDE drives. The IDE controller can't count higher than 120 Gb.

    Depending on the version of the machine, some only supported one IDE device per IDE bus, so effectively one hard drive and one optical drive

    I would be worried about power supply capacity with three big drives in it, too.
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    That's what I was afraid of. I thought that if I can get away with 140Gb JBOD that it might see a drive over 120Gb, but I'm glad I got the answer to this before I spent the money on outdated tech.

    It is a 400mHz B&W G3 with 640megs of RAM

    Thanks Guys!
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    it can run tiger for sure

    i have a 400mhz imac with 256mb ram and it runs tiger. slow but usable
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    I'd opt for linux over OS X for a file server.

    But it is possible to get drives over 128 gb in older macs without buying a PCI ATA or SATA card.
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    Care to expand on that? You think that even a B&W G3 can see drives larger than 128gigs?
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    Lord Zedd

    I really doubt the school will "give" one to you. Most schools throw them in storage for many years, trash them, recycle them or dispose of them in other ways for tax/budget purposes.
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    I dunno. My old office couldn't throw away old computer equipment due to environmental concerns. That's how I got my PowerMac G5 1.8 Dual :D

    As for the question at hand, I don't think it's really worth your time taking on that G3 if you already have a newer Mac. Those towers are fairly big and will probably just clutter the area where you will put it. Also there is the inevitable huge CRT monitor and tons of otherwise unnecessary cables. On the other hand if you don't have a newer Mac then this is a perfect opportunity to get one.
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    That G3 will run OpenBSD, there is a PPC port. Use it as a web/file server, or as a testing box.
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    Go grab it. You can turn it into a file server. I also remember reading about someone who turned his G3 into a media box for his home theater setup. The Power Mac G3 is quite good for playing DVDs since it has a dedicated "daughtercard" for DVD decoding.
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    Can I stick a G4 chip in it?

    Also, a SATA card for large drives? It'd be cool to run this thing hooked up to my HDTV setup(Though I know a 300mhz G3 will sit there and ask me if i'm serious if i were to throw HD content at it), but I may also be interested in throwing a Mac Mini there with a giant external for HD content.

    I know the G3 in question, I have a choice from about 7 of them, has a CD drive only. I can upgrade this, though.

    I'm just curious what I can do to it if I wanted.

    I got $4000 in the bank solely for Apple stuff come the 15th and whenever :]
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    Also, I talked to the guy in charge of said Powermac G3s and he said "I can't do anything with them, so you can have them/one"

    They're currently running OS 8.6. Quite a trip back in time to use, even if I don't do anything with it, it'll be a cool looking piece of equipment and a semi retro OS to boot.
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    $4,000? Lucky ****! lol. When it comes to Apple stuff, I'd spend that in a few minutes though.
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    Antiquated hardware can build up on you fast - no point getting the G3, waste of space. Pointless to spend money upgrading it when you are going to buy the latest and greatest Apple innovation released at MWSF. :D
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    Put it in a glass case and say its an ancient relic... you'll probably get more pleasure looking at it then you will using it.
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    I would not get the beige ones. If it's Blue & White, and it's free, it can be used as a file server.

    Some company made G3 processor upgrades, there are probably G4 processor upgrades, but probably not worth the price to performance ratio, since the G3 motherboard is fairly slow.

    It's cool to demo to the PC people how easily the (as of 2008, 9 year old) Blue & White opens up.

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