New Pro Speakers?

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 23, 2003.

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    MacWhispers reports that based on their sources, a new Pro Speaker system is in the works.
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    Hope they make it a 2.1 system at least.
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    Re: New Pro Speakers?

    Maybe the addition of a subwoofer/bass unit, or maybe they are not powerful enough for that. Probably cosmetic.

    Then again, they could have something to do with the pro and non-pro lines of apple peripherals these days....
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    Bit will it work with Macs?

    What I'd love is if they'd come out with a speaker system that worked with Macs.

    I want to get some small, but nice speakers at a reasonalble price that I could connect to my iBook, or PowerBook or even my iPod. and that would be small and portable so if I'm working at the dining room table I could set them up there ofr the day.

    The Apple Pro speakers would be perfect, unfortunately they are not compatable with PowerBooks, iBooks or iPods. The guy at the Apple store that explained this too me said it in a kind of "yes, apple speakers are not compatable with appl computets, I know it makes no sense, and it means we're shooting ourselves in the foot with this" kind of tone.

    So I hope apple comes out with new speakers that are compatable with the 1/8" jack on my apple products, because I'd love to have those speakers, but only if they use a standard connecter and I know I'll be able to use them with my next mac.
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    I like the Pro speakers, but they have been around for a while. Change is good.
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    Speakers included...

    Seems fair to include [new] pro speakers with "pro" machines... and have them as an upgrade option on consumer models.

    But can't a lesser speaker system be included with consumer models? It doesn't seem right to have a mono speaker in today's world, especially if Apple wants the Mac to be the "hub" in today's multimedia world.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    What I would like to see is the new POWERMACS with a 7.1 audio card.....maybe these new speakers are a 7.1 system now wouldn't that be nice. Come on we'll have the new 970, a great graphics card, apple design to die for and hopefully a great sound setup. With this setup who would ever want to buy a M$ based PC!!!
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    They should be expandable, ie, perhaps the base set is L+R with a Sub, but you can add as many extra speakers as the box/card that controls them can handle.

    Also they should drop the proprietry digital audio plug so they are compatible with all desktops and laptops

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    Well I hope Apple finally utilizes the multi channel surround that is built into OSX. Time for a 5.1 speaker system from Apple if you ask me.

    Oh, and good riddance with the old PRO Speakers. If you have an ear for audio you will agree they sound like crap and they don't produce audio equally speaker to speaker.
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    I got my PM going into my (v.expensive, I have no self control) HiFi :D

    Fantastic for music, scares the ^&*@ out of me when I start up UT2003. Every time.

    I hope the quality will improve, but I'm not expecting a miracle, I guess the best thing they could do is do a Sub that powers smaller speakers, or maybe even a mains option.

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    There was a report a while back that had some guy who worked for some Japanese company who was developing some sort of audio device and presented it to Apple... and supposedly, they liked what they saw.

    The article hinted they could be collaborating on a future audio speaker system.

    Of course, I can't actually cite this since I forget where and when I saw it.
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    What kind of system do you have? I personally run an Integra 7.2 into a set of Mission model 700s and 701s with a Signet center and a Powered JBL Pro 12" sub.

    I use to have my computer running through my stereo but now there in separate rooms and I haven't set it up on a network yet. My computer spearkesr I have a Atlantic Techs before they quit making them a few years ago. All in all I am really impressed by there sound but there assembly and hardware could have used a lot of help. I have had to do a lot of repairs on them.

    I sure hope Apple does the new Pros right as I said the last ones had no business being called Pro.
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    Ok, enough of this drivel please!

    Take a look at the language in the "article":

    Bid-deadline - June 1st: That information could be completely made up and in all honesty, there is probably no way anyone could confirm this, nor does it in ANY way indicate when these are coming out - a fact which would definitely impact MacWhispers.

    "Small, rectangular housings": Ok, now here is a point where MacWhispers could easily say, "ok, so we weren't exactly correct on the shape blah blah blah."

    To me, this is just pure speculation very carefully dressed up as a valid rumor. MacWhispers could capitalize on a broad range of speaker product announcements, made at any time within a year or so, with this.
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    Drivel?... Perhaps...

    You credit me wiht entirely too much sinister craftiness, my friend. I just try to pass along what the fellows in Taiwan mention to me. Sometimes it's right; sometimes it's "close" to right: and, sometimes, it's dead wrong.

    I'm still trying to learn how to predict which is which. :)
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    Re: Drivel?... Perhaps...

    As heard from the horses mouth. Glad to have you on the boards maybe we can get some questions answered about some of your updates in the future since your a member. Keep up the good work any news of any kind is always entertaining since it gives the rumor geeks something to argue about.:D
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    Re: Bit will it work with Macs?

    Your iBook/iPod/PowerBook doesn't deliver enough juice for the Pro Speakers. The headphone jacks on current Apple computers are rated for 32 ohms minimum impedance. I don't happen to know what the impedance of the Pro Speakers is, but I'd guess it's more like 16. In which case you'd fry your iPod/'Book's headphone output if you tried to hook up speakers like Apple's.

    I do know that the amp built into the Power Mac and iMac can supposedly supply 20W (10W/channel). 2V (the maximum swing of Apple headphone outs) through 32 ohms != 10W.

    OTOH: I could be mistaken, but I think I have seen some speakers that do hook up to a standard 1/8" (3.5 mm) headphone output...anyone know more about them? I doubt they're very loud or hi-fi, though.
    Apple uses the proprietary plug for three reasons: 1) They don't want you to hook your Pro Speakers up to a standard headphone output/line out and fry it. 2) They don't want you to hook up standard headphones or line-level devices to your Pro Speaker output (on your iMac or Power Mac) and fry them. (There's a ROM in the Pro Speakers that identify them to the amp, using the shell as a fifth conductor, I believe.) 3) Using four (five including the one for the ROM) conductors on the proprietary plug allows them to use more efficient "Class T" (which I believe is a marketing term for Class...D?) amps, which require separate return paths (grounds) for each speaker...or maybe there's some kind of bridged configuration...I was just reading about why this is; perhaps it was on MacRumors and someone will remember what I'm talking about. But I digress. :)

    In short, there are *valid technical reasons* why Apple has chosen to use a proprietary connector. It's not just a case of Apple trying to make life difficult for you. That said, I really have no use for the Pro Speakers, and I'd rather my iMac were $20 cheaper (or provided $20 more profit to Apple) instead of having an amp inside that I'll never use. I'm sure the people whose iMac configurations actually included the $50 Pro Speakers would like their $70 back too. :) But I'm not complaining--the iMac has been great, and for the people who do use the Pro Speakers there would be no other way to hook them up so easily (I guess the USB connection the Cube used couldn't be used for the rest of the line).

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    sub would be nice

    A sub would be nice with smaller speakers powered off it. I am able to connect my old Altec Lansing sub and small speakers to the head phone jack of my imac. iTunes rocks hard with this setup - although the wires start to get to be a mess.

    In the grand scheme of things, it isn't a big deal. A new design would be nice just to change things up or to go with a new designed desktop machine. I don't buy the custom jack size reasons (mentioned earlier) as a valid excuse. I mean, really, how many third party speakers are out there and can't they get them right? Why, and when, did Apple start caring about what third party stuff you pluged in to their computer? I just don't think "tech specs" is a reason for a custom connector. I would believe Apple did it just because they could.
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    I've got a seperates system, the mac goes through an Arcam stereo amp, Denon AV amp, L+R speakers are specially built ones (fantastic imaging, I couldn't believe it), but surrounds are B&W for now (soon to be replaced), and a Rel Sub. All the Hi-Fi units are on a Hi-Fi stand which is set into the wall, behind a cuboard door, so all you see are lovely mahogany speakers and the TV, which is next on the list to be replaced, its very out of place, just need to source the cash to do it!

    Really? That's a shame, did you do any modifications of your own, improve the crossovers or add some bracing? I've had a few dud things in the past, a certain DVD player springs to mind, along with some VERY boomy surrounds.

    I'm on the fence about what I do next, I think I might get an iPod (with the rumored line out) and buy a descent interconnect (I have read everything I can on that debate, and for the sake of a few quid, I'll buy a good cable) for it and have that hooked to my Hi-Fi instead, because all the wires for everything are now under the floor boards, which makes changing things around difficult to say the least!
    To be honest I haven't listened to them outside of a show-room, I just didn't consider them. But from what I've heard, I haven't been missing out!


    (edit: due to my poor use of the quote tags!)
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    Re: sub would be nice

    You are completely missing the point! The third party speakers you refer to all have their own amps and require being plugged into an AC outlet. The Pro Speakers are powered by an amp "inside" the iMac or PM, so there is no amp in the Pro Speakers and no plugging them into AC. This is why the proprietary connector is used. Apple made the connector proprietary because they have a brain, and wouldn't want people blowing things up by plugging them into the wrong hole.

    It all makes perfect sense really. And I would bet that most peole who buy the iMac line are much happier having them than just the mono speaker that is built in. I would also guess that a good amount of them are fine with the sound quality as well, and really woulnd't think twice about buying some self powered ones that take up more space and have more wires etc... when they are fully complacent with what the Pro Speakers provide.

    I personally have JBL powered speakers because the Pro speakers are not enough for me, but I don't use a consumer machine like the iMac, and I think the PM has the jack so their top of line machine can use the speakers they make just because.... It all makes sense to me. now a new upgrqded offering I of course would not complain about either.

    My 2 cents, take it or leave it.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    It was Sanyo executive. I must say iam very happy with my isub and pro speakers but true surround sound is probably the next step with multiple speakers coming from Apple/ Sanyo or HK
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    Re: Re: sub would be nice

    Thank you for saving me the effort of typing another post! :) Agree with everything you said.

    To clarify my previous post: I didn't mean to make it sound like I was unhappy with the Pro Speaker jack being built into all 'Macs (note apostrophe). I understand the benefit to people who do find the Pro Speakers adequate and who are saved some hassle and clutter by having the amp built in. For people who are complaining about the quality of the Pro Speakers, I probably would too--that's why we use different (self-powered) speakers! It's a third-party opportunity!

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    Can anyone simply tell me the difference between 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 or any other X.1 audio systems. I am NOT an audiophile at all, could I tell the difference?
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    X is the number of speakers
    Y is the number of subs
    For instance, the Soundsticks with the iSub would be a 2.1 system. A more common home surround sound system is 5.1 although 6.1 and 7.1 are becoming more popular. Hope that helps.

    On another note, on the differences between the 3 systems that you have listed, there is little difference between each setup for non-audiophiles, of course your milage may vary in this situation. The best way to determine if you will notice the difference is to go somewhere where they have 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 systems setup and give each system a try.
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    we'll see

    I really like my Soundsticks, so we'll see... What's more interesting MacWhispers throwing down the gauntlet. Let's see if some of these rumors start coming true, iPod docks, now pro speakers.
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    My thoughts...

    I think when the new PowerMacs are released at WWDC, they will have a complete hardware redesign, which will include a new case design, as well as a new Cinema Display design, as well as a new speaker design.

    Basically, Apple is redesigning the PowerMac and also needs to match the Cinema Display and speakers to the new PowerMac tower design.

    If you look at the Apple store recently, they are clearing out a lot of so-called "refurbished" Cinema Displays and Powermacs recently. I believe they are actually selling new product at refurbished prices so that they can clear excess inventory before the big product release.

    They can't really have all those 2002 model year PowerMacs and Cinema displays used and refurbished, can they?

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