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new processor designation at 1500 posts?

Discussion in 'Community' started by jefhatfield, May 13, 2002.

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    i can't wait to see what will happen at 1500 since i am not a demigod as of yet

    what processor will i turn into?

    perhaps nothing?
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    Ensign Paris

    I would go up to G6 if I were you!

    I have just hit 1000, I hadn't actually noticed, shows how much attention I paid, I have 2 weeks off school now for Work Experience and then 2 weeks off for half term so I will be posting more for about a month (more time on the net :))

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    hey from one starfleet academy grad to another...congrats

    my old college is where starfleet academy is supposed to be

    star trek even stole the school's golden gate bridge logo...shamelessly...he he

    but i am sure gene roddenberry got permission first
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    Ensign Paris

    that is so cool, another reason for me wanting to go to uni in the states (I really want to leave the UK)

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    Mr. Anderson

    This is from a post by Arn a while back when eye made it to 2000

    6502 => 500 posts
    65816 => 1000 posts
    65832 => 1500 posts
    68000 => 1505 posts
    68010 => 2000 posts
    68020 => 2005 posts
    ????? => 2500 posts

    You'll have to get to it... though the pattern isn't very difficult to discern.

    i'll have to space them out much further... you people sure have a lot of time on your hands

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    check out www.ggu.edu and somewhere on that school's website is the logo and then look up the starfleet academy logo...and ggu is right behind the ferry building too which can be seen in the beginning of the movie, interview with a vampire

    the ferry buidling is home port for san francisco and the focal point of multimedia, banking, and international pacific trade...the transamerica pyramid building is nearby as is chinatown, wells fargo, bank of america, pacbell, and the location where dilbert works...he he

    come visit here, ensign:D
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    oh, and also, www.ggu.edu have been the chief training facility for united states air force officers with off campus satellite learning centers on air force bases...so maybe one day, fiction can somehow become truth

    not to mention congress' bid to have an official space force spinning off from the us air force

    man, i wish i was young enough for all that space stuff:(

    aim high, ensign

    btw...even though i am a computer teacher, i am not a college recruiter...he he
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    Mr. Anderson

    I did a little search and came up with this


    Is that what you're talking about? Or is the Space Force going to be something different? You have any links yourself?
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    wow, this certainly sounds like it

    i hope ensign paris sees this...amazing

    they even use the starfleet starship logo...aint that sumthin'

    check this link out ensign and then you will really want to come to the states:D
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    re: 1500

    so jef...u gonna join the Demi-Gods once u hit 1500?! :D
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    Ensign Paris

    that is really sweet, will post more later.

    The reason I want to live in the states in mostly because Apple is there are also I have always enjoyed it when I have been there (mostly for Apple shows)

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    Re: re: 1500

    i want to eventually be a G5 which will happen thousands of posts later then i will join the enviable group of demi-gods

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    I'd be happy just with a 68060. Better start posting :)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Re: Re: re: 1500

    You might take a while to get there. Hell, the G5 might even be out by then.

    Extrapolating the unknown list of processors:

    68020 - 2000
    68030 - 2500
    68040 - ?
    601 (PowerPC) - ?
    603 - ?
    604 - ?
    750(G3s) - ?
    740 - ?
    745 - ?
    755 - ?
    7400(G4s) - ?
    7410 - ?
    7450 - ?
    7440 - ?
    8500(G5) - Possibly 6000 posts.....
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    it took me nearly two years to hit 1500

    6502 is what is in the famous apple IIs
    68000 where i am at is what is in the early macs and will go 68010, 020, 030, and 040
    then the next major class will be the 601-604e ppc's

    ...then g3, g4, and finally g5

    so eight years later i will join the demi-gods from when i first joined in the summer of 2000

    i am really into delayed gratification!
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    aw don't be scared...lots of people are doing it man...he he he ;)
  17. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    Its not about getting the Demi-God label, its about supporting the site. You've been here longer than most, set a good example;)
  18. Guest

    wow, eye is a moderator...that is one step away from being a mac god
  19. arn
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    Staff Member

    doh.... that isn't supposed to happen... :)

    (unregistered posts)

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    that was me... i didn't notice the unregistered name/title
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    he he he....I didn't even notice that it was officially listed for everyone to see! :D
  22. arn
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    Staff Member

    jef, not your fault... I just meant the forums weren't supposed to allow unreg posts...

    I fixed it.

  23. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    Great, now it will go to his head....

    How's it feel to wield authority, eye?
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    hmm....not so far....

    u guys didn't know I was for the past 2 months now... ;)
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    Great, now we have something to fear. It looks like he has been attempting to infiltrate our ranks in order to obtain secret info, or something like that ;)

    Wow, I had never noticed that either. Strange the things that we overlook at times.

    Come to Geekfest New Orleans 2002.
    Were ther will be Ladies, Ladies, Ladies.

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