NEW Product Rumor = Displayor HDTV with built in ATV & Widgets

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by LucasLand, Oct 1, 2009.

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    My Sacramento connection just told me Apple is working on or getting ready to release a brand new display. This display will look and be similiar to other displays but will add 2 new features.

    The display will be 32 inches with built in Appletv and use widgets. You connect display to ethernet. If familiar with ATV, you will have all those features that come with that. The display will also have many widgets you'll have access to via the remote. If you use widgets on your mac, then you have an idea what the possibilities are.

    Whether display will have a tuner is not known.

    Also possible this will be a straight out HDTV with ATV & widgets included. You'll connect this to you mac just like you would the current ATV
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    no more set top boxes

    Apple wants to get a way from set top boxes, that's why they will offer appletv built in. Many people already have dvr with their cable box.

    A true apple tv will be more internet based, instead of trying to compete with cable co's. Why do that, when they know mac users need to subscribe to the cable co's internet service.
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    Fail. :D If you're gonna spread a rumor, at least make the screen larger than 32". I mean, you could at least say it's, I dunno, 60". Make us all get real excited, give us something to argue about. But to come out of the gate trying to get us amped up on 32"? C'mon. I've got other threads to bitch and moan in.;)

    PS Fix the typo in your title.
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    Sacramento, huh? What’s Sacramento have to do with Apple?
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    sacramento has nothing to do with apple, that's just where my info comes from.

    Why would apple first come out with a 60"? Most families don't need anything that size. Plus if they started out big, how could they get you to upgrade later on down the road?
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    60" Too small.

    63"+ for my next monitor to get me to upgrade (from 61" HD-ILA set)
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    I'm not fond of overly large displays myself. Between 32 and 46 inches is what I prefer.

    Sounds interesting, but the price is going to be a make or break issue for me. That, of course, providing this is even true. But it does sound plausible, especially given the amount of digital media iTunes is selling.
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    This just doesnt seem feasible.

    First of Apple has continuously stated the apple tv is a hobby. Why would they go all out and make a display for apple tv when it is just a hobby?

    Secondly, if they do this, then they are isolating customers. Think about it, how many of us already have 50+ inch screens? We are gonna be satisfied with a 32 inch screen? Nope! What about all those people who have plenty of tvs now and dont need another one? It just doesnt make business sense to include this into a display, an APPLE display at that. Apples products are generally to expensive for the masses as it is. Who is going to shell out 1800 bux(price of current 30 inch Display) plus for a 32 inch tv when there are other alternatives out there?
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    Sacramento - Apple

    I don't know if this rumor is or isn't true. Truth is I think a set top box makes much more sense for Apple's assault on the living room than a whole display. But anyway, Apple does have a large distribution center just south of Sacramento (in Elk Grove). So, maybe this dude's source works in the warehouse there or even on the team that supports the retail ERP system or in the AppleCare call center located there. I know first hand how many non-disclosure agreements you have to sign when they roll out new products and you have a chance of getting a glimpse of them before release, but still it always amazed me that more concrete leaks don't occur from these employees. The products don't get staged in the distribution centers, products input into the information systems, promo material set to arrive in the stores, support personnel trained, etc all at the very last minute. It takes a fair amount of people outside of the product development departments to prepare for a new product release. Again, amazing there's not more concrete leaks in the weeks leading up to a new release.

    Like I said, I don't know anything about this rumor, but Sacramento does have a close tie to Apple.
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    Apple has a huge Campus in Elk Grove. I figured that what he meant.
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    ATV is a hobby yesterday and today, but what about tomorrow?

    Apple will always offer ATV for people who already have nice TV's, But they will also cater to the ones that are in the market for a tv, which many are.

    Employee calls his warehouse manager
    "hey boss! (wink, wink) This box fell off the pallet and this tv just fellout, what do we do with it?"

    "hey Boss! (wink, wink) the bottom of this box broke and all this promo material just fell out."
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    Apple's had a mixed history even choosing the right display panel (pink 23" ACD, iMac screen issues, etc). What makes you think they'll be experts at HDTV circuitry?

    It's not going to happen. The Apple TV will get updated to be a more robust set-top box at some point. They may even offer the AirPort Express with video-out that was rumored years ago.

    But they're not going into the HDTV business. They would have to price themselves above Sony and Samsung (probably near Pioneer) to maintain their hefty product margins. Basically, sinking any chance they would have in gaining market penetration.
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    Since when does Apple have a problem charging people more than the competition? Plus, they waltzed right into the very competitive cellular phone market and did pretty well for themselves. I'm not saying that they'll make an HDTV because they made a cell-phone, but certainly competitor pricing and profit margins aren't going to stop them.

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