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    Many users also noted that the previously mentioned Reuter's article also hinted at new products this Quarter:

    Chief Financial Officer Fred Anderson also said that there would be more new products this quarter and that Apple intended to price them competitively.
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    Mr. Anderson

    A very subtle way for a self-hype.

    It will only cause the rise of more speculation, though. But I'm thinking guessing here won't help all that much. Hopefully something will leak and its a nice way to keep things going here on the forums.

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    Quarter Ends July 31st...

    Long time reader (over two years), first time poster...

    A 2nd financial quarter ends on July 31st usually, right?

    I'd hate to speculate, but this could mean that the new PowerMacs will come out before the end of the month?

    Or a new device (which I highly doubt..)....
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    MWNY showed everything we need for a Mac Tablet device:

    - iSync
    - iCal
    - Addressbook
    - oh yes... Ink!

    Were the 9" portable specs real maybe?
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    Mr. Anderson

    There is talk of new machines in August - and they might be refering to a different quarter - you never know. My speculation - might as well now - is that all the monitors will go to wide aspect ratio - like the new 17" iMac. I've been saying this for a couple months now, and I'm starting to believe myself now that they've actually done it to the iMac.

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    at this point, i actually don't want to hear anything leak. as much fun as it is to come here and check out the rumors and see what might come out.... it's that much more fun to be surprised i've decided......

    after the relative let down of mwny (mainly just the pricing of jaguar -no upgrade and no aac yet in itunes)... i am not gonna get my hopes up too much anymore... though i have a feeling that will be tough
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    Hahaha, nooo I don't want to start a thread war, but Blackcat IS right - iCal, Addy Book & centralized database, BLuetooth, iSync, .mac integration - a PDA of some sort would be the PERFECT DEVICE to bring this all together!

    or BETTER YET (perhaps) a joint product between SonyE and Apple? Like the SonyE P800 based on Symbian - an Apple branded, SonyE manufactured, Symbian based PDA/phone with Bluetooth... =D

    -- J
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    What if apple are using the negative reports they knew they'd get for introducing .Mac as a paid for service to increase the impact of price reductions on the next range of powermacs ?

    I know it's bit far fetched but the $100 price decrease on the iMac and iPod models could filter down or even become an even larger saving on the towers.

    I think they could easily shave a hundred or so off the cost of the towers just from the fact component costs have lowered since the last range we're introduced. They could up the Mhz, we expect DDR so that's a small saving over the cost of PC133, increasing the size of the hard drives wouldn't cost them any more that what the current sizes did earler in the year.

    I think if they offered an entry level G4 Tower for $1499 it wouldn't be out of the question, they could lose $100 - $200 off the mid range and $150 - $250 off the high end aswell.

    I know I'm just speculating, everyone want more for less money in anything they buy but it would be a good move to reduce the costs of the towers by at least a noticable amount if not a significant one.
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    Re: Tablet

    This is what I'm talking about :) I truly believe that Apple is coming out with either a new device as a tablet or making the portables have touch sensitive screens. Why else would there be Inkwell? (No PDA for sure...but, they did just introduce iSync :))
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    Mr. Anderson

    Thats a nice bit of deductive speculation! Could be, suffer the flak for a month and then come out with something cheaper - look like a winner and a company that listens to its users. Further strengthen their position. I like it.

    Ha, it even makes apple look a little like a split personality, when they're actually just playing a bigger game, but being extremely patient. Now that's got to be tough. :D

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    If you don't want to hear the rumors, why are you here? This site is called Macrumors for a reason!
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    hey trodel, relax, he is not being a jerk, everyone, including me are very angry and edgy about the tremendous Ass ****ing of MWNY, so chill.
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    Re: Quarter Ends July 31st...

    Typical Quarters End:
    December 31st
    March 31st
    June 30th
    September 30th

    The current quarter ends 9/30.

    Have you signed the petition yet? I think you need to. It's at:
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    Re: Quarter Ends July 31st...

    I don't think new PowerMacs would come out only 2 weeks after MacWorld. I think they'll come out at the end of August and ship with 10.2 preinstalled.
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    Can ya see .mac subscriptions being thrown into these deals?

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    I don't care if a .mac is thrown in with a new PowerMac. Frankly, I don't want it. Lower the price of my Mac $100. Next year you'll need to change your email anyway unless you want to fork over $100/yr. Frankly, I'd rather just get the pain over with now. I'm not looking forward to contacting dozens of folks plus going to dozens of websites to change my email address. Thanks, Apple.
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    I dont care what apples does as long as there stock goes up..... way way up so i can sell it and brake even or gasp make some money:D
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    Re: PDA!!!

  19. MOM
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    no pda

    I don't think Apple would come out with a pda and call it a pda, it has to be more or different from what we get with Palm et al. Think, if Apple had regular pda plans then why would they let you carry contacts and dates on an ipod. You don't add those functions to one device and then make another whose main purpose is to carry contacts and appointments. If they have any plans for a ultra-portable computing device it would have to be a big step up from a Palm. I could believe a tablet with a minimal OSX install, inkwell etc. Great for students taking notes and general business use. think of it as a substitute for the old yellow legal pad rather than a substitute for a portable. Sure it can carry your contacts and calender and memos etc, but that is just added stuff, not the main dish. If they can't make something like this for around $599, then I think the phone idea makes more sense. I just don't see Apple doing a me too palm-like pda. They will more likely render them obsolete with smart phones and ipods or step right up and over them to something much more powerful. just my 2 cents

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    Have you noticed the rebates are on the displays? New Towers with better graphics cards, bigger drives, DDR, etc. And new, wider displays.

    Plus, anyone else notice all the rebates you can get if you buy OS X.2 (Jagwire) with other software and hardware?

    Check the Savings it's called. Trying to soften the blow I guess.
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    I feel your pain, brotha!:)
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    - iSync
    - iCal
    - Addressbook
    - oh yes... Ink!

    Steve didn't speak a lot about inkWell.
    He had to address it as we all know about it, but didn't go in details as he will do this on another event......

    A sony collaboration would be possible. Sony did build powerbooks in he past and the SonyEricsson boss at MWNY was maybe a hint.

    What about a Nokia communicator equivelent from Sony and Apple??
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    this was posted on another Mac forum

    this was posted on the forum

    The new towers will be released Aug 13th. Along with them will be the death of the 15" LCD a price to $699.99 on the 17" Wide Screen LCD an added 19" WS LCD for $1299.99 and the 22" WS LCD will be $1999.99.

    as for the towers they will use a new 128MB ATI Graphics Card that will be annouced today or tomorrow (depending on who you talk to at the booth according to friends).

    The towers are expected to all contain superdrives (a welcome addition with the imac 800 w/ a 17" screen under $2k) and start at 933 1066 (1.06Ghz) and 1199 (1.2Ghz). Prices will remain the same on the lower models but the high end which will contain 8MB cache drive will be raised to $3199.99. Apple will continue to sell the current models and extend the rebate program on the older models only if inventory requires it.

    -------End Quote---------------------------------

    This person's email is "" (xxx's inserted by me--look it up if you want to). Someone asked how this person knew this information and they never responded. Sure would be nice if it were true!
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    the recent murmurring at the 3D side have been many since MWNY.
    there is talk of a real head turner but not sure if its in any relation to A|W Maya, Renderman or even Hardware!!
    my dream news would be a package where if you buy a Quad G4:O) plus A|W Maya you would get Renderman free!!!
    of course that would mean that Renderman will be brought over to the OSX side!
    I can just see my wall of Xserves pumping out some frames:O)
    oh yeah did I mention in my dream that I have a wall of Xserves?
    hehehe I can dream cant I:D
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    Here's a juicy bit of info about the new ATI Radeon 9700. There is a review of it vs. nVidia GeForce4 Ti 4600 at this PC site (these are PC versions of the cards). In short, at 1600x1200 resolution the Radeon 9700 can be over 50% faster than the nVidia GeForce4 Ti:

    The end of this first page states:

    "the Radeon 9700, the first R300 based card from ATI, will be in stores no later than 30-days from now. The card retails for a MSRP of $399 and with all that ATI has been able to show us that far, we have no reason not to believe them on this."

    It makes one wonder if the Radeon 9700 will be ready for the PowerMac G4 as an OEM next month when the new towers are suppose to come out. Woo-hoo!!! Here's hoping!

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