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New Quad is ... quiet!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by PowerMike G5, Nov 21, 2005.

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    I just recieved my Quad and I have to say, its quite nice :)

    I am quite surprised ... I added the Raptor HD as a boot drive and installed a 500GB drive in the second bay and the machine runs noticeably quieter than my previous Dual 2.5 G5. Bravo!
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    I know, I really can't believe how quiet it really is, my Power Book was louder then the Quad.
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    After posting to mac rumors for almost a year and reading an incredible amount of posts from people just like you... i just have one question... where do you people get the money to buy a 2999 dollar powermac, then like a year later spend 3299 for an update?

    meanwhile, i know my mini will not get updated for at least 3 years... and my version of "update" is getting my parents 5 year old compaq to run linux on next to my mini... i am so jealous
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    Well, I don't know your age, but many MR members are adults whom have good jobs and a family, and can afford these machines.
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    glad to hear your machines are quiet! the review I read somewhere had dB readings and they confirmed that the levels are lower than the previous high-end. my Dual 2.0 is pretty quiet, compared to my alubook i'd say it's quieter under heavy loads but louder at idle (the difference being the obnoxious powerbook fan that churns up with processor loads)

    congrats on the buy! hope I can snag a quad someday
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    Usually, when you buy a new machine, you'll be able to sell your old one for only 30% off the original price. So, if he sold his Dual 2.5 for $2100, he only paid around $1000 for it.

    Or maybe he's rich.

    Or maybe his company bought it for him.

    My company bought mine. :D
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    ... maybe it's just because I have three 'girls' in my family, but no matter how much money I bring in, they find a way of spending it all before I have a chance to... :rolleyes:

    If I didn't have two kids and a wife, I'd have a double-headed Quad, just because I like the look of them...:eek: but life wouldn't be the same really.
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    this is why i don't want to be a poor student stuck on my miserable specced stuff (see below :rolleyes:) and be able to get new machines when they come out.

    my 2.7 can't be sold because i can't afford a grand's outlay, and can't afford to lose it even for a day either... :(
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    double income no kids!!!
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    DINKs - ah yes, I remember those hedonistic days. :)
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    Many times people buy PowerMacs for their jobs as creative or some other type or professional, therefore its an investment.
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    Yep, a friend here is in that position, very nice setup has he
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    I agree...the new PM's are definitely VERY quiet.

    I'm nearly certain my new dual-core PM is quieter, or not much louder at all, than my iBook I recently sold.

    I had an iMac G5 once, and it was so loud I had to sell it. To think I know have a dual-core PM that is nearly silent is incredible.

    The first time I booted it up, it had the creaking harddrive and fans going crazy, and I just thought..."Oh...not again" and put my head in my hands. But now that it's running, it really is absolutely quiet.

    I love it I love I love it!!

    Now if the Apple modem would only ship faster than 2 weeks, I'd be in heaven :)
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    You're using dial-up on a brand new Quad? Blasphemy!
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    Dale Cooper

    A quad for $3299 is a bargain compared to the norwegian price ($4250). You're lucky. (Of course, I couldn't afford one even if they were 2$000.)

    Anyway, I'm glad to hear they're silent. Noisy computers are a real pain.
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    Close...dial-up on a new dual - but I agree - it's still blasphemy nonetheless LOL

    Smack dab in the middle of no where, however, is white binds me to using dialup. I have no choice :(
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    PowerMike G5, I noticed your G5 Quad has the Nvidia 7800GT Card (is this right?). I assume you got it through Apple as a BTO.

    My order of the PM 2.0 GHz was delayed from 3-4 days to 6-8 weeks after changing the card to the 7800. So I won't be getting mine till end of Dec as a result of the video card upgrade.

    Am I the only one whose order is delayed as a result of the video card upgrade?
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    when you guys say quiet.. how quiet ? I am new to the G5 and I just picked up my quad. I do hear the fans a little bit with some humming, but think i am just being crazy. Should I be able to hear the fans in a quiet room from my computer chair, or is that pushing it ? I could have sworn my friends dual 2.0 G5 is virtually silent, and i couldnt hear anything unless i put my ear to it.

    not sure if i am being nuts or not, just want to make sure my new quad is functioning ok.

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    id like to know the same thing also...how quiet is quiet...and compared to a g4 dual?
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    You're going to hear the fans - that's true with any computer. Anything that has moving parts, you're going to be able to hear it.

    It is very quiet for a computer. You will be able to hear it, but not from the next room, and it won't keep you up at night if it's near your bed, either.

    It has a slight hum...if you're surfing the net or doing anything, the hum goes out of your mind and you barely notice it. Processor intensive things make it a little louder and more noticeable, but it is by no means "loud."

    I had a dual 1.25 G4, and that thing sounded like an airplane compared to my new dual G5.

    I expected the G4 to take flight any minute; I barely even notice my new G5 running.

    Hope that helps ;)
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    Mr. Anderson


    That was one of my biggest concerns - I'm so glad to hear this. I'm going to be getting a Quad with the 7500 GT in January and I'll be happy to get rid of my noisy dual G4.


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    Good to hear positive things about Apple; not all the complaints.

    Good to hear that the new G5 Dual Core PowerMacs are good :)

    LUCKY! :D
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    I am not an adult but now-a-days, I can afford these types of computers. Its called a job for all of you morons. Being a geek helped (i'm a IT guy)
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    Awesome---can't wait to see one of these!
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    Not according to your sig. :eek:

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