New really funny HD game with great graphics is coming!

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by designsters, May 1, 2012.

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    We want to introduce our new really funny and great game!
    The object of the game is to run your lap whether it's a sprint or long distance, faster than your opponent.

    You are a comic monster of your choosing which you can trick out with accessories.

    We are thinking about a name for this game and have some versions we've come up with:
    1. Wooly-Wooly
    2. Nimbles
    3. Shustriki
    not much Luck yet.

    We'll give promo-code for everyone who can suggest good name for this game.


    The game's plot centers around a mythical city, ShustroGrad , which is inhabited by good-natured, funny little monsters called Shustriki.

    Shustriki are normally invisible because they appear only in the dreams of young children. Their sole purpose is to deliver good dreams to obedient children.

    Every year Shustrograd stages a spectacular race to decide the fastest of all the Shustriks.

    It's your mission to help your Shustrik win this difficult competition.

    Train your Shustrik and lead it to victory!

    Game Features:
    • Animated Graphics
    • Really cute animations and SFXs
    • 4 unique characters
    • 20 levels
    • 3 unique types of game-play - sprint, steeplechase and marathon.
    • Variable weather conditions
    • Ability to use doping (don't get caught!)

    You can find some screens:
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    thanks, looks like a fun game. Graphics look cool too
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    Thank you.. we hope that this game will be really fun and insteresting.. Right now think about the right name for it.. Any good sugestions will give promo codes later :)

    Also you can join us facebook:
    or follow on twitter:!/WoolyApp

    Planning upload new screens and graphics each day, so any critics and comments are welcome!
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    Will check it out :)
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    btw.. here is the sketch for Fatty:

  6. designsters, May 2, 2012
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    more sketches today!
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    All together:
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    Hm.. dont understand why some of my messages has been dissapeared?..
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    First game-play screen:
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    More game-play screens:



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