'new' refurbed 5th Gen iPod - 'update' & 'restore' Windows on iMac

Discussion in 'iPod' started by MSM Hobbes, Feb 2, 2007.

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    Just received refurbed iPod :)

    However, when plugged into the 24" C2D iMac for the 1st time, I have the following:

    - installed the iPod + iTunes CD s/w
    - already have iTunes, v. 7.0.2, w/ many good tunes awaiting to meet iPod
    - a screen popped up, "About iPod Updater"
    - another little screen appeared, showing the name, s/w version, serial number, capacity, used, free, and,,, format [Windows :eek:]
    - within this last mentioned screen, there are two options:
    (a) 'update' - 'only Macintosh formatted iPods can be updated', selection unavailable :(
    (b) 'restore' - 'click restore to restore :rolleyes: your iPod to its factory settings'

    The iPod itself is awaiting quite patiently, w/ the red slash no symbol flashing above the dire warning 'do NOT disconnect'.

    So, do I want this to be windows or Mac formatted? Any difference? From what I've read, it should be happier being Mac formatted - right?

    But - how in hades can I make this lovely black beauty be on the side of light and right, become Macintosh formatted? :confused:
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    Well, guess that just by selecting the 'restore' button, the iPod was able to detect from after that that it was attached to an Apple - all seems to be good; the songs are d/l, the Summary screen says its Macintosh formatted... :)

    And!!! iStat Pro shows the iPod too... :cool:
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    That whole Windows formated and Macintosh formated applies to the formating of the disk. Windows cannot read HFS+ which is the default disk formating for the Mac, so instead it uses FAT32.
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    If you format it in windows then you cannot update it in OSX.
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    Not true!
    I update my friends iPod and his Windows formated!
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    Yea, thanks - I know the difference between the different formats, which is then why I was concerned that I was not able to select the Macintosh "update" version, just the Windows "reformat" version. But, as said in the 2nd post, the iPod was 'somehow' formatted to the correct [ie: Apple] version, even tho' I could only select the Windows route. In any case, all is good... ;)
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    By update I mean software update not music synching.
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    Oh ok, I tought you meant updating music.. but for the software, your right on the marker
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    I like to format my iPod(s) in Windows/FAT32 just so it can act as a drive on pretty much any computer with a USB port. That's just me, though.
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    is there a way to format a mac ipod to a windows ipod from a mac ?
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    Maybe you could format it as FAT32 in Disk Utility? I'm not exactly sure how that would work out with the iPod OS and all, but that's the only way I could think of.

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