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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Jimmieboy, Oct 30, 2005.

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    Hi. I'm planning on buying an ipod shuffle for christmas this year. I was wondering if apple plans to realse a new one anytime soon. Does anyone have any info?
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    Wait until January 2006 at MacWorld San Francisco. I'm positive Apple will release updated shuffles.
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    Nope, no one has any information as of right now. If there was an upgrade, all it would be is a minor increase in storage because otherwise it would take away sales of the nano.

    If you want a shuffle, buy it! :D
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    Hi. Thanks for your replies guys. About the 2006 conference. Do you think that there is going to be updates to the other lines of iPods? Like the nano? I might hol doff a bit longer and get a new shufffle or something.
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    I say get the shuffle now and enjoy it. I have both the shuffle and nano and I still enjoy using the shuffle as much now as I did before I got the nano. I actually think the SQ of my shuffle is better than the nano. :D
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    i can not see the nano being updated at any point soon - it has only just come out and if they were to change it now it would seriously annoy some people. i htink apple have over the past month or so simplified the ipod line up and got it how they want it until the next round of up dates that i beleive that will maybe be seen next summer at the earliest.
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    I agree, I really don't see Apple coming out with any new nano's or video ipods any time soon, maybe towards the spring we might see some new ones the only one we might see would be the shuffle because it hasn't been updated yet.
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    Prediction: The Shuffle will be upgraded to 2 and 1 gigs. It's a great product that serves a niche and that is the natural progression.

    TIME FRAME: AFTER the Nano goes from 2 and 4 gigs to 4 and 6 gigs, which won't be until sometime next year

    By the way I have a Shuffle and Nano. The Shuffle is actually better for bike riding since it needs minimal protection and serves as the equivalent of a remote control while exposed to the elements- no need to "stash" it
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    Hey again. Thanks for your posts. Do you think that apple will eventaully include a radio in the shuffle? Or is it just not worth me waiting?
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    i personally can never see apple including radio's in the ipod range. i think they will view them as old technology. the closest you will see are podcasts
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    512 on sale

    I actually think that Shuffle product line may be updated very soon. Maybe not updated like 'new model update" but 512 MB model may be dropped.
    Reason for such assumption is that 512 MB model is on sale in Canada (Best Buy) for 99 CAD (regular is 129 CAD). I have never seen Apple product on sale anywhere unless new model is coming out soon so either new Suffles are comming or 512 is being dropped.

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