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New Site - VivaMenswear.co.uk - would appreciate opinions

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by crmpicco, Dec 17, 2010.

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    Over the past week I have completed the build for Viva Menswear. It's a small, brochure website for a friend for his menswear store here in Ayrshire, Scotland.

    I thought i'd post it up here to get some opinions and maybe some suggestions/enhancements that could be looked into at some point.

    Anyway the URL is:


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    Sky blue seems not to fit very well with what your branding though the overall design seems right.

    I would try a few different colour combinations out, perhaps dark shades of grey with white. Or going on the Scottish theme a dark blue with white would work perhaps.

    And i feel the images could be bigger, right now they don't have the presence i think the should have.
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    - I like how the bottom of the logo flows into the background.
    - I don't like how the top of the logo has a thin dark blue line, separating it from the background.
    - You've put a copyright notice in, but not said who the copyright belongs to.
    - The e-mail box and join button don't line up.
    - I don't see that there's any real difference between the home page and the about us page.
    - The pictures on the about us page are a better size and orientation than the home page.


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