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New South Wales Police Force to Deploy iPad Minis for Use in Traffic Citations

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 17, 2013.

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    Members of the New South Wales police force located in Australia have begun a four-week trial program to allow officers the use of iPad minis when issuing traffic citations to drivers, reports Australian tech site Delimiter (via TUAW). Specifically, the deployed iPad minis are pre-loaded with an app called "Mobile Notices", which is developed by Australian app maker Gridstone and allows officers to retrieve driver history, photos, vehicle information and license information from police databases.

    Earlier this year, Apple redesigned the iPad in Business section of its website and spotlighted the Redlands Police Department, which highlighted the police force's use of the iPad and iOS devices for live information, communication, and real-time maps.

    Apple is set to release the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 7, tomorrow. The company has also highlighted the benefits of the new software update for businesses on a dedicated page.

    Article Link: New South Wales Police Force to Deploy iPad Minis for Use in Traffic Citations
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    Ah.... So close! Why didn't they pay for the 3G models?
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    Microsoft and android should be taking notes
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    Now this, is kinda cool! I wonder how this will do in the field.
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    If there is an appropriate blanket of wifi they don't need 3G. And for this test there might be
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    Drunken Master

    "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to keep your hands on your head while I Airdrop you this ticket."
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    Isn't mini too small? They should use the regular iPad.

    This is not too innovative; my car dealer started using iPad to check in cars for maintenance two years ago.
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    The day is coming when I'll actually be excited to see that little rectangle tucked under my windshield wiper!
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    "Sir, I am writing you a ticket!" Press and hold the power button... then just walk away.
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    So does Apple get 30% of the ticket revenue? :)
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    Lame, I don't trust cops, they're many corrupt ones, even more so these days.

    This reminds me of a case not too long ago where the NYPD I think it was did nothing while a man was being beaten in front of them, they were actually laughing while watching.

    The man ended up suing the department, but he lost the case, the statement that was issued was "The NYPD has no duty to protect and serve".

    Even though I live in Canada, I generally get the same impression here, they are only here to give tickets and to fill their quota. Not to say that all cops are like that, but there are cops who couldn't care less about the people..
  14. HMI
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    I was just thinking that Microsoft must have "skimped" on their advertising budget to New South Wales.
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    So no data is stored, but what's to prevent the officer from taking a screen shot and emailing it?
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    This article is not about innovation. It's about QANGOs or in this case semi- government organisations being cleared to use Apple products. Thus Apple's footprint in the community is ever increasing.

    Stuff like this means more then any market share number ever could.
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    The person was a transgender. That was not what the NYPD issued.
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    This is interesting and cool at the same time. I hope they use it to increase the amount of time available for other police duties and not just for increasing their quotas.
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    And for those members of the New South Wales police force that are not located in Australia, get your arses back home and get to work you wankers, there's an iPad waiting for you.
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    Unless the definition of innovative has changed I don't know what the Heck your talking about. This is integration not innovation!
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    Ruggedized Windows tablets have been used by police departments for a decade and a half. For one thing, they sometimes integrate easier with the Windows based software used back at headquarters.


    Android tablets are also used.


    Such tablets are sometimes customized for each buyer's particular needs. Radios, pens, vehicle mounts, comms with other devices or vehicle GPS, special shape, heated screens, replaceable batteries, etc.

    However, such devices do cost more. One good reason that some places now use iPads, is a limited budget.
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    Battlefield Fan

    So now they'll have to give out more tickets to pay for the iPads???:eek:
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    I'll have to remember to ask what level of Candy Crush the officer is up to next time I get pulled over for an RBT if I spot one in use.
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    Perfect Score

    Violence on police will certainly rise :D
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    The local media are reporting that this will speed up the (fine) process so they can move on other important police duties like.....

    It's Great idea anyway.

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