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Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by BASRPH, Jun 16, 2011.

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    I just signed up and paid for a mobile me account. I thought If I enter something in ICal or in Contacts on my IPhone that it would automatically appear on those om my IPad or IMac. Is there some place I need to click on to sync all those devices. Or will it only work if access my calendar and contacts by using and making the entries on it?
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    you'll have to set up your mobileme account on each and every device for it to sync. on the ipad/iphone i believe it is in the mail/contacts/calendar preferences, and on your Mac its in settings.
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    Yes I do have it set up on each device. So after I make an entry on my Iphone on Contacts, where do I click so that the entry syncs with other devices? I also made a calendar entry on my IMac but it doesn't show up in calendars on my IPhone. I think I am missing a step somewhere.
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    MobileMe is no longer for sale and isn't accepting new signups, how did you signup and pay? + It would be stupid to considering iCloud does it all for free...
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    I signed up for Mobile Me a couple of months ago but hadn't really tried to do anything with it until the last few days. I thought that I Cloud showed on the Apple site that it wouldn't be available until fall.

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