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New touch 4 at Futureshop on sept 7(for Canadians)

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by flytrumpet, Sep 2, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    A futureshop employee responded to an inquiry I posted on their forum about the release date of the new iPods,and said they will be ready for sale in stores on sept 7th.

    Can anybody call their local store and confirm this?

    If true,I'll be there bright and early.:)
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    Cool! Any clue on the price? I'm hoping 299$ :)
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    Yea, I hope they use the US prices, not the so called "Apple prices", which are like - 20 dollars more. ;)
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    If they don't then I'll wait until december, they always have rebates at this date of the year.

    Yes, I'll be able to wait until then ;)
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    Wouldn't they just use the same ballpark as the prices quoted from Apple's online store?
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    Hard to Say

    Was at FS here on the West Coast and the guy I talked to didn't have a clue when they would get them. He just pointed me to their website where they are taking pre-orders.

    On the other hand, I talked to a BB customer service agent yesterday and he believe's that they should be in stores on the same day they are released online. I just wonder if they get a ton of pre-orders online if that will deplete some stock going to their stores?

    FS has the best deal for pre-orders though. You get 20% off headphones and iPod docks with your pre-order.
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    Hopefully we get them at the US like pricing but I ain't holding my breath.
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    I can tell you we're not.$319.99 for the 32.:mad:
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    The prices will probably adjust when they are available mainstream. If they drop within 30 days you still have the FS price protection guaranty. The old 8GB was $20 less than Apple just about everywhere.
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    Well,the guy at futureshop told me that they probaly wouldn't get any for 2 weeks to up to a month after the release date...so I went ahead and preordered from Apple,who says that I'll get it between the 15th and 20th with free shipping.Hopefully it'll get here before that.
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    What day is it supposed to be released online?
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    But will it be available in stores that day? Pre-orders are only shipping, and not pickups.
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    Both sites are saying Sept. 7th it will be in their warehouses.

    The BB customer support guy said that it would be going to stores that same day. I'm pretty sure pre-orders are your best bet though. Have a feeling both stores won't see them in stock for a good month. They haven't even got the iPhone 4 in yet!
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    Well, if the Apple Retail Store doesn't have it either, then I'm using my mom's credit card(I'm under 18) and getting it from the Apple Store.
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    Just pre-order the 64Gb on BB website. Here's to hoping to get it before October! I wonder how big the que is?

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