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New Tower Defense Game!! Ninja TD!!

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by pacin, Sep 20, 2009.

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    NinjaTD is a Tower Defense like game. It has five defense themes,
    and they are wind, thunder, ice, fire, and sand.
    In Ver. 1.0, it has 20 stages and 3 levels of difficulty to choose.
    There are five types of ninja and five types of ninja magic.

    -Green ninja: general attack
    -Purple ninja: slow down the enemy and give little attack.
    -Blue ninja: diffusing attack, the enemy around the hit one will be also hurt.
    -Red ninja: penetrating attack, the pellet will attack all enemy on its route.
    -Yellow ninja: take magic coin from the dead enemy within detected range. Grade 3 ninja can take magic coin again from the dead enemy who was taken by other ninja.

    -Green ninja magic: tornado, blow the enemy back to threshold.
    -Purple ninja magic: thunderbolt, numb the enemy to stop.
    -Blue ninja magic: spy eye, reveal the invisible enemy.
    -Red ninja magic: bomb ninja, bomb ninja will walk to the designated point and burst to hurt the enemy around.
    -Yellow ninja magic: stealing gold, get extra gold from the dead enemy around

    Once passing the stage, the player will gain a new type of ninja or ninja magic.
    Use your ninja or ninja magic wisely to reach to the end.






    iTunes Link: click here.
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    looks good

    any chance of promo code?
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    looks like a steal at 2.99. i'll be picking this up. :)
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    i like it!

    challenging enough, the graphics are nice ( maybe more detail when zooming? )

    Magics remind me of 'The Creeps' ( which is a good thing!! )

    definitely worth picking up...this is the 15th TD game I've bought and I'd rate it about 6th at the minute - ymmv

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