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New-Used eMac - Need udpate/upgrade advice

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by VanMac, Oct 12, 2007.

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    As mentioned in a previous post, I just picked up a 800MHz eMac. Nice little machine. Ended up having a SuperDrive, so that is a plus. It is cute :apple:

    So, couple of things I would like to upgrade, and could use some input.

    1. OS.
    - It has version 10.2.8
    - What is best way to get it up to the latest version? My iBook has 10.4.10. Do I need to purchase an update? I have full install cd's and licenses with purchase.

    2. RAM
    - It only has 256MB. How much will this puppy take. I should like top up it to 1GB or more if it can take it (my iBook has 1.5GB, and that has worked out pretty good).

    3. Networking
    - Would like to get wireless in it as there will be no cable near where it will sit. What is best approach.... getting airport card, or an airport express, or...

    Also, until I get the networking sorted out, and in case I need to dl the updates for OS, is there a way to share the wireless connection from my iBook to the eMac via firewire or ethernet cable (I dont have any crossover cables, just standards ones.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Specifications would be nice.
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    eMac Specs:
    800MHz G4
    100MHz bus
    256MB RAM
    Super Drive
    OS X Version 10.2.8

    Had pretty much mentioned most of these specs...not sure what else could be needed. Let me know if I'm missing something...

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    You're looking at the original Airport and a 1 GB maximum amount of RAM.

    You'll need another set of Tiger discs as well.
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    Sun Baked

    The RAM limit on that one is the same as the PowerMac with the SDR RAM, they use the same chipset -- but you have two DIMM slots instead of four, so the limit is the biggest DIMM it'll take.

    And it is the machine with the extremely tight RAM specs at the bus speed, so it'll need PC133 instead.
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    i'll get a 700MHz emac for free.

    384 MB Ram
    40GB HD

    OWC sells 1 GB Ram for $100
    ebay sells the airport card for $65

    i think abaout buying a airport express basestation and connect the emac via ethernet to it instead of buying a airport card. will that work?

    also, how to get a cheap 80GB HD? probably better to buy an external firewire HD.

    i plan to put tiger on it as soon as i put leopard on my powerbook. i have tiger retail disks and will buy leopard retail version. so the licence should be there.

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