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new vaio dektop worse than profile4

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by funkywhat2, Oct 12, 2002.

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    For a quick reference, take a look...

    edit: and BTW, what's wrong with it? I think it looks pretty good to me, and it's not ripping off a Mac design IMHO. It's just a nice looking all-in-one peecee.

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    i just needed a headline to get peoples attention:). now that i look at it more and more, it looks better.
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    I really think that they could have done better than a 1.6 Ghz Celeron though, even the Profile4 has up to a 2.8 GHz PIV. :rolleyes:
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    seriously, that is crap on the celeron... are they still at 128/256K L2? that completely negates your speed advantages. try that on your P4 and see what happens (like you can heh)
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    pssh... who cares. it's built to run win32. you wouldn't serve (w/linux of course!) off that piece of crap either.
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    Although I'm not repulsed by it, I think it looks like a failed conceptual design from the early to mid 90's...
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    that's classic, hemingray. that has to be about the worst, yet almost esoteric insult you could possibly throw at a computer design, perhaps second to a "failed 80's design."

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    i dont really care for it either BUT it has
    a hell of a lot more style than a beige box.
    come on apple...their starting to understand
    style. we need speed otherwise we're just
    gonna be a memory.
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    the screen looks a lot bigger than "the base". won't that thing tilt over backwards?
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    If you see closely, behind the screen is the real 'base'...


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  12. job
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    It reminds me of the first Mac portable..
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    That's Progress? Sorry, but Sony lost Style on this one...
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    sony products

    sony has a bunch of similar products, with flat screens and detached keyboards etc, marketed in Japan. CRTs other than iMacs have pretty much disappeared from the market here, go into a computer/electronics store and you will see a wall of LCD panel monitors, and big plasma TVs. Many people also buy portable/laptops for general use. The main reason being a lack of space, there is none in most peoples homes for a CPU case and crt monitor, and all the other stuff. I know there is not space in my house! We have an old iMac, other members of the household have new Wintel stuff, a compact CPU unit with widescreen LCD for younger brother-in-law, and mother-in-law just got a laptop with a 15.1" screen. very nice except of course they run windows! again space is a big consideration when shopping.

    You are only getting an example that they think they can market there. Any body who wants a high end processor would also want expandibility etc., thus the celeron. The products are fairly well designed, they are definately catering to peoples tastes. Some people actually like and expect all the ugly little buttons etc, a clean design looks like it lacks features or is missing something (on both sides of the Pacific) Apple is targeting a different market, the creative professionals who might read Architectural Record or Wallpaper*

    so in other words that Sony is exactly what they think they can sell there, in the little niche that Sony targets.
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    Why the hell when another company makes an all-in-one compter somebody always has to say "Here is another lame attempt to copy Apple" or somthing like that. If you do your research Apple did not invent the all-in-one computer. Yes the Profile4 is a dumb looking computer and the ad was way wrong BUT the Profile4 looks nothing like the iMac. And Sony has had cool looking case's while Apple still had beige boxes. I'm not Anti-mac but slamming other company's becouse they try to make things as cool as Apple, becouse let's face it Apple is way overpriced. If I was a first time computer buyer why the Hell would I buy a 1.25 ghz G4 when I can buy a brand new Dell or Compaq at half the price??
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    I sorta like it.

    It does not look too bad and it has 1.6Ghz that is double the iMacs 800Mhz, but I thought people are moving towards larger monitors?
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    i never said that they copied apple, and i know that, i'm not stupid. i was just showing that they are selling an all-in-one machine in the US that may or may not rival the iMac for people's hard earned money.
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    Hey folks! It's a laptop that you cannot take with you! ;) ...I've never "gotten along" with any Sony products, but I always thought that they had decent designers..... until now. Of course, this product falls into the "I bought it because it says Sony on it" category. :eek:
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    have you actually seen the product in person or just looked at the posted picture?

    or did you consider the marketing reasoning for such a product? No i thought not.

    Obviously Sony cannot compete with Dell etc for price etc, they must come up with something different, and integrated with their other products.

    Also in Japan, the build your own thing is mainstream, all the big stores have build your own sections with lots of product, without OS included. Who knows what they are installing. and it is very cheap to build your own, there is also very cheap complete naked machines available.
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    It's all good until you see the specs!!!
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    i have to agree with him. zorblaz, i mean. a product llike ths may be useful in a space-concious area like japan, but here in america it has no use. it is a laptop you cant take with you. it is a product you buy because you see a sony logo on it. sony's never had any very high quality products, and i'm sure this one is no different.
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    Thats funny Sony has been making parts for Apple for as long as I can remember.
    The old floppy drives in the Macintosh's The screens on the performas, CD Roms,
    etc...And the Playstation line, what is wrong with the Playstation?
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    how about their CD players? i had a sony discman i bought the first or secon years they came out, mind you i was really young then, not sombody who was overly nice to his technology, and that thing lasted me for YEARS, until last year when i tossed it for an MP3 cd player.

    and my sony trinitron monitor... best CRT i have ever owned by far... and our trinitron television... awesome... my grandpa has a WEGA, it's uberawesome. i don't know what you have been smoking for the last 20 years, but i have never seen a sony product that really reeked. anything that wasn't dirt cheap has always been prima quality. even if that stupid vaio desktop is ugly and poorly spec-ed out, i'll bet you ot's plenty durable from a technical standpoint.

    and as i recall, sony was making magnesium-bodied laptops before our precious TiBooks. apple does the metal laptops better, of course, but that doesn't make them original.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Exactly - but more of a slicked up design of something from a 60s or 70s movie, almost like something they would have designed for 2001 if they'd imagined LCDs and laptops would be possible.

    And did anyone notice how much it weighed?

    "Nonetheless, this isn't a laptop by any stretch of the imagination. Weighing 20 pounds, the $1,600 PCV-W10 is about twice as heavy as the largest desktop-replacement notebooks. While portable, the Sony isn't suited to daily changes of scenery from, say, your den to your kitchen table and back.

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    oh and how much does an iMac G4 weigh?

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