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New version of iCab is massive update

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by EssentialParado, Oct 8, 2010.

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    Been waiting for an update to iCab for a while, and I just noticed it appear in the App Store. It's now got a pretty new icon, smooth new UI design, low memory features, search box suggestions, and Dropbox integration. Tons of new features altogether, almost like the 4.2 for iCab! :p

    Full update feature list:

    New for iPad:
    - Brightness control
    - New design for browser window
    - Download icon shows progress of active downloads
    - Bookmarks bar can be switched off

    New for all devices:
    - Dropbox-Support: Export/import bookmarks. Upload images, files, web pages, downloads to your dropbox account.
    - (Limited) file upload is supported. Works fine on web pages which do not try to modify the default forms processing of the browser (for example works fine for uploading photos to flickr.com). Can fail on pages which mess with the forms processing of the browser. You can upload photos or files from the download manager.
    - In-page search now supports to navigate between the search results
    - Search the selected text in the default search engine.
    - New settings for low memory situations. iCab can display a warning and/or free inactive Tabs to get enough memory for the active Tab
    - In fullscreen mode you can now enter a new URL.
    - Search Suggestions from Google or Yahoo
    - Audio playback on web pages can continue when iCab is in the background
    - News Icon
    - Russian Translation


    It's looking nice so far, the interface is based on iPad Safari now, so it's gorgeous, and it feels so much snappier now! Overall, and with the memory features, I think this takes it the top of the iPad browser category now. Only thing... still no 'copy' for images! The only thing I still need to go to Safari for. :confused:

    Anyone else: thoughts?
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    Wow! I just tested out the low memory feature, opening as many tabs as I can, but I cannot get it to crash anymore. It'll lag for a split-second then become responsive again. —I assume this is it freeing up memory. Very nice not having to worry about crashes anymore though. :)
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    Love it!!! Miles ahead of atomic now IMO. No reason anyone should still be using safari when this is only a couple bucks.
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    Thanks for the information. One reason I have not purchased iCab is because I did not want the bookmark bar. Along with all the other great new features, I'm glad to see that the bookmark bar can now be disabled.
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    Wowsa!! thanks for the post, gonna get it immediately after I get my iPad back from my friend. That looks amazing.
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    iCab is easily the best ipad browser IMO.
    Atomic is ugly to look at, whereas iCab is Apple-level gorgeous.
    Great tabbed browsing, downloads(could be better), great performance, and has the Safari tab style(big grid of page thumbnails), if you want that too.
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    I have NEVER liked any browsers on iPhone or iPad other than safari. Sure some of them had more features, but they looked horrible, and they were clunky, and not stable until i bought iCab a few weeks ago. This browser is incredible. It looks nice, its stable, its got many extra features, there is very little i could nitpick about. I felt like that until this newest update.. this newest update knocks iCab out of the park. Though i am still not sold on the iPhone counterpart, mostly because the extra features I will use more on the iPad such as downloading. If you have an iPad there is no reason for you to use any other browser, buy it now!
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    About the only thing missing now is a good way to page up and down.
    After going from Grazing to Atomic and then iCab, the only thing I'm really missing is Grazing's thumbpad - by far the best way I've found to navigate link heavy sites.
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    I think that copying Safari's graphical style was genius, as I often forget that I'm in iCab, the transition is seamless.
    Agreed on the iPhone version. Safari still rules there.

    In the seetings there's a 'Scrollpad' slider at the bottom... What does that do?
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    Just bought icab because of the praise in this thread. It is indeed very nice and I may switch to it full time from atomic. I especially like how Apple-like the user interface is.

    But it does not have one of the atomic features I love the most, multitouch gestures (2 finger swipe left or right to switch between tabs, two finger swipe down to delete tab).

    Am I missing something? Is there some way to implement multitouch gestures?
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    One other feature that seems to be missing from iCab is the ability to open at once all bookmarks contained within a bookmark folder. In Atomic, this is accomplished by selecting the option to "Open all bookmarks in tabs." Still, because it has so much that is missing from Atomic, I strongly suspect iCab will be my browser of choice.

    In partial response to the previous post, a 3-finger up/down gesture will move to the previous/next tab. I find this to be cumbersome, but it is there. The "FAQ, News" in the iCab "Tools" menu explains all gestures.
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    Looks like it turns the Scrollpad feature on or off.

    Personally, I prefer to keep it on, as the scrollpad is useful to quickly pan around a webpage.

    It sure would be nice to be able duplicate Grazing's thumbpad's ability to unobtrusively let you page (not scroll) up and down without triggering links. If there's a way to do this, someone let me know - I haven't found it. Otherwise this version of iCab is pretty close to all I'm looking for in a iPad browser.
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    I use the bottom transparent buttons in atomic consistently, does iCab have a similar feature?

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    The design of the tab bar has been redone. It looks really nice now. You can auto hide the bar when there is only one tab open, and they moved the close buttons to the left side of the tabs like everywhere else in iOS.
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    I looked and couldn't find anything similar. I miss the buttons to go to the bottom of a web page and to close a tab. When in full-screen mode, there are seven buttons along the top and bottom of the screen, but they cannot be changed by the user.


    There is a scroll-to-bottom module. It's not as handy as a button but better than nothing.
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    Now that I've played with the app a little more today, all I have to say is:


    It is just about all you could ask for in a browser. Very nice. Runs extremely smoothly. Great feature set. Now resides on the dock as my primary browser.
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    Sorry for dominating tis thread but what is a nice unrar app that pairs nicely with icab?
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    get filer. When you download something from iCab it will allow you to open it in filer. Its amazing!
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    It's a tremendous release. This is now a full-time replacement for Safari. It's the first browser with the features, polish and stability that has been good enough to do that.
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    Open in iCab bookmarklet

    FYI, I found this today. Save any old webpage as a bookmark in Safari and then change that bookmark's URL to the following:


    Then rename it as "Open in iCab" or something. It will open the currently viewed webpage in iCab.
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    Just bought this last night and it seems to be the best browser for the iPad, hands down. I like Perfect Browser on the iPhone, but iCab may just take over there as well.

    Also, it seems to work well with iOS 4.
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    What makes it so much better than Safari, which seems to me to do the job?
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    for me its being able to download files such as .rar, full screen browsing, tabs bar, and some of the plug ins like instapaper mobilizer
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    The Readability plug-in is sweet. It's the open source tech on which Apple based the "Reader" feature in Safari 5.
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    The only why I haven't bitten the bullet yet (though I know I will) is something I heard on the forums months ago that any 3rd party browser aside from Safari depletes the iPad's battery a lot quicker...to the tune of 3% when Safari would only take away 1%. Is this true or hogwash?

    All the excitement in this thread is making me wanna purchase this.


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