new version of Wii?

Discussion in 'Games' started by giganten, Apr 6, 2007.

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    I did find this, don't know if you already did know this but I didn't.
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    Could not nintendo just sell a sw/firmware update that would allow DVD playback or is there some fundamental hw missing from the wii that prevents it?
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    I thought this was already confirmed by Nintendo?
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    The Wii in itsefl can indeed play DVDs as there are already modchips that play backups burned on DVD-R but if Nintendo adds DVD support through a firmware update that means paying the license for all the Wiis it has already sold as opposed to just this new version that only people who actually want the DVD player will get.

    Less royalties to pay.
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    Is this really that big of a deal? I was under the impression that one major cause of faults in the PS2 was heavy DVD watching (well, let's just say extreme use). Are dvd players all that expensive?
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    Can't wait to play DVD's in a console that doesn't support 5.1. Now I can throw away my DVD player. :rolleyes:
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    better be just a firmware update. i really don't want to throw away all of my game saves, mii's and VC games.
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    The thing is that we are in a bit of a technology revolt. People are trying to reduce the number of devices that they have to learn to use and have sitting next to their TV. I for one am anxiously awaiting a Wii with DVD playback, so I can ditch my PS2. I already traded my two TiVos for a single Dual-Tuner TiVo. I have to move every 3 months for school, so it makes sense for me to reduce the amount of equipment I have to deal with when moving.

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    All of those items can be transferred to a new Wii. So don't sweat it.

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    good DVD players are pretty cheap these days. i dont see why DVD playback is necessary on a wii.... i never use it on my XBOX360 anyway...
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    Well I for one would love DVD playback in it. I have it in my room and use my PS2 as my DVD player. It would be nice to pack away the PS2, since the remote on it sucks and I play all my PS2 games on my PS3.

    A firmware update would be great, I would pay a few bucks for it but having to buy a new unit....I think not... :p
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    You can copy all those to an SD card...although VC games are locked to only play on the Wii that bought them, so that might be a problem.
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    I'm sure this would be useful for some people, but I don't think this will create a surge in sales at all. Everyone and their dog has a DVD player, especially when they're dirt cheap now. The Wii won't support surround sound (I think) so I can't get rid of my existing DVD player. If it did, then fine - or better yet a Blu-Ray drive, but I know that will hike up the price considerably.
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    The Wii has surround sound :confused: I plug mine into a 5.1 system and it works as surround sound does.

    Why would a machine than only outputs a 576i/480p signal be useful with BluRay?
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    Oh, I didn't know it could do 5.1 sound.

    That's what I mean, unless the revamp the entire thing to high definition, I don't think having a DVD player would be useful (for most people). However, if it had a HDMI output, then I guess an upscaling DVD player would be quite useful
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    Wait, why can't you just play your DVDs on your PS3 and still pack away the PS2? :confused:
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    PS3 is hooked up to my 50" DLP in the other room (might as well use all 5.1 and such with it) whereas my Wii and 360 are on my 19" LCD in my room. I used to use the 360 for DVD's but it is so freakin loud with the drive is spinning that i switched to my PS2 :eek:
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    I thought games and stuff like that were non-transferable. if they are, i'll get one immediately. I hate unplugging and plugging in the DVD player.
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    Anonymous Freak


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    Though I think a DVD player should have come from the start, we all now have DVD players anyways (I think about 78 percent of households do).
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    When you register your new Wii with your user name it gives you the option of transferring all the VC games, then removing them from the original Wii.

    At least that was my experience... Your mileage may vary.

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    I believe the Wii plays sound in Prologic II. Not quite surround sound, but better than standard Prologic. It basically breaks up the rear right and left to fake like it is playing surround sound. Still not 5.1.
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    Again, if it isn't 5.1 why does it sound like things are behind me ingames? Back in Metroid Prime on the cube you could easily tell if an enemy was behind Samus, or in F-Zero GX/Mario Kart you could hear other players...

    I don't really know much about surround sound. I just go off; if the rear speakers give off a different sound to the front speakers then it's surround sound.
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    personally, i like having more and more of that kinda of stuff. especially if it matches... just makes me feel all fuzzy inside :p

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