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Discussion in 'Community' started by edesignuk, May 31, 2002.

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    I've just started to build a new website and am looking for some feedback on the little I have done so far.
    As I said this is only in the early stages but none the less I'd like to see what u all think.
    So far the only things that are staying for sure is the layout and all the images involved in the layout, everything else is still liable to change as I progress - fonts, navigation menu etc will no doubt be changed later on.
    And one other thing, when I view the site with IE5 under OS X the frameset does not work as all the frames turn out in the wrong places, yet it's fine under IE6 on WinXP and IE5 on Win2000, how does it look for you? Is it just my IE on my Mac that won't display it correctly?


    P.S. Please only view through IE, not netscape, omniweb etc, I don't design my sites for anything other than IE as I find allot of javascripts I do don't work under anything but IE.
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    Mr. Anderson

    The overall design is nice, but in OS 9.2.2 on IE 5 I get the same problems. You might want to go in and look at the master frame code.

    What are you using to build the site?
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    I'm using Dreamweaver MX, it's very odd, as i said it all works fine under IE in winblows.
    I think I may try re-making the frameset and see what happens.
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    Mr. Anderson

    I'd take a look at it as code first and see if there isn't something missplaced. By putting the frame outside the section you want it seems to be an issue with nexting. Good luck....
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    my question is...what is the purpose of the site?

    I do like the general seems easy to navigate...

    but the frame does not show up properly on the right side...

    keep us updated...I'm curious to see more ;)
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    The main thing I have to work on is getting this frame issue sorted for viewing on macs.
    To be honest I don't really know what the site will offer when it is compete, but there will be forums, wallpapers, recommended downloads possibly reviews of...dunno what yet :p
    I'll let u know when I have the frame issue fixed then you can see what it is supposed to look like :)
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    so it's just a site with some stuff....I get it...

    I've been wanting to do a site as an online resumé/portfolio...I just haven't taken that first step yet...

    someday though...I already have my photography on the net...just need to get some design work up... ;)
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    Ensign Paris

    I like the site except u used frames & javascript :( I am trying to get rid of non-essential j$ on my site cause I hate it :( I find it really annoying :)

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    I've just rewrote the frameset and still it has exactly the same problem.
    The only thing I can think is that the Mac version of IE has a limit to the amout of frames it can display or something? I know it's a very l o n g shot but I can't think of anything else. :confused:
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    how dare you? hehe... as an omniweb user and web designer i have to say using onmiweb has greatly helped me become a better web designer... most things i do now are completely cross browser compatible because of it... my code is also beginning to take on a logical structure....hehehe
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    Mr. Anderson

    Well, you redesigned it and it works now on OS9 with IE 5, so somethings better.
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    #12 more frame in IE 5 for that on purpose?
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    very nice
    I want to get a copy of dreamweaver for my site
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    YEAH! :D I've just opened it up under IE 5 in OS X and it looks last!
    Finally you should all be able to see what it was supposed to look like.
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    It's working in IE Chimera and Omniweb. Looks like you got your problems solved. Nice layout btw.
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    Thanks! I'm soooo pleased I got it all to work, it's a fairly complex frameset.
    I've also checked it out in omniweb and it laysout perfectly, but a few javascript functions and style tag visuals do not work, so I still prefer to view with IE for the full effect.

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